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Scratch: The Ultimate DJ

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Rhythm
Developer: 7 Studios
Release Date: 2010

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'Scratch: The Ultimate DJ' (ALL) Now Developed by Commotion Interactive, Delayed

by Rainier on Aug. 6, 2009 @ 9:29 a.m. PDT

Scratch: The Ultimate DJ, developed with input from music legend Quincy Jones III, is set in distinctive urban environments combining free-form DJ tricks with great rhythm gameplay, and featuring songs from the biggest names in hip hop.

Developed with creative input from music legend Quincy Jones III, CEO and chief creative officer of QD3 Entertainment and music producer for top artists Tupac Shakur, LL Cool J and Ice Cube, among others, Scratch combines free-form DJ tricks with great rhythm game-play. Scratch is set in distinctive urban environments and features songs from the biggest names in Hip Hop.

Featuring game-play similar to top-selling rhythm games, Scratch players use a realistic turn-table controller, the Scratch Deck, created by Numark, the world's largest manufacturer of DJ equipment, to manipulate music tracks in real-time. Players can choose from a diverse array of DJ personalities to make their way from garage DJ to scratch-master of the hottest nightclubs.

Scratch Deck combines two essential elements of the DJ and hip-hop experience - a free-spinning, touch sensitive turntable with a crossfader and 5 Akai Pro MPC-style drum pads. The turntable allows players to add their own style and manipulate the songs in real time, while the MPC-style drum pads give players the opportunity to perform and customize tracks by triggering samples using the very same pads that are the cornerstone of professional hip-hop beat production. Samples can either be pre-loaded into the game using 60 unique battle records that will ship with the software, or players can record and upload their own samples using a compatible USB microphone.

In addition to the features created by Numark, Scratch Deck also contains standard game controls found in music rhythm games. The turntable features a realistic surface that feels remarkably similar to a vinyl record. The drum pads and the crossfader also deliver an authentic and realistic music production experience. Left-handed DJs will appreciate that Scratch Deck is designed for use in right or left-handed configurations.

Genius Products has recently hired Commotion Interactive, the music and party game division of Bedlam Games Inc., to complete development of its much anticipated music rhythm game, Scratch: The Ultimate DJ. In choosing the industry veterans at Commotion Interactive, Scratch DJ Game, LLC underscores its commitment to successfully launching Scratch and establishing a strong footprint in the progressively growing and competitive music gaming industry.

"With Scratch: The Ultimate DJ we will deliver an innovative, ground breaking video game for fans of hip-hop," said Jack O'Donnell, CEO of Scratch DJ Game, LLC. "We have selected Commotion and are confident that they are the best choice to help us achieve our mission. The team's rich and varied development experience includes talent from Rockstar Games, Ubisoft, and Electronic Arts."

"Scratch: The Ultimate DJ offers a revolutionary take on the existing music/rhythm genre. The combination of the game and the proprietary Scratch Deck controller will bring the art of DJing to the masses," said Trevor Fencott, CEO of Bedlam Games Inc. "The Scratch Deck combines a touch sensitive turntable from Numark with the drumpads from the iconic Akai Professional MPC. This combination delivers an authentic music gaming experience unlike any other. We are thrilled to embark on this venture with Scratch, and can't wait for this exciting title to hit store shelves."

Commotion's mission is to deliver music and party game titles borne of exceptional design, fostered by meticulous planning, and realized by a world-class team. The studio was formed in 2006 by a seasoned group of industry professionals who are united in their belief that games can be developed on a creative level. The Commotion team is dedicated to providing quality titles that resonate with consumers looking for an entertaining and original gaming experience.

Scratch: The Ultimate DJ features 60 original and licensed tracks from the most popular hip-hop and R&B artists.

The setlist will include:

  • Flashing Lights- Kanye West
  • Intergalactic- Beastie Boys
  • Let’s Get it Started- The Black Eyed Peas
  • Slacker- Tech N9ne
  • Don’t Sweat the Technique- Eric B. and Rakim

Additional music from artists:

  • Run DMC
  • The Gorillaz
  • Nelly
  • Deltron 3030

The Scratch development team has collaborated with Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys, who is providing creative and technical input for the game. Scratch: The Ultimate DJ will also feature music from Mix Master Mike’s upcoming album, set to launch later this year.

In addition to a heavy-hitting setlist, Scratch: The Ultimate DJ features distinctive urban environments, an array of customizable DJ personalities and a turntable style controller created by Numark, one of the leading manufacturers of DJ equipment.

Scratch: The Ultimate DJ will be available on multiple next generation game systems, and is currently scheduled to arrive in stores early 2010.

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