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Armored Core 3

Platform(s): PSP
Genre: Action
Developer: From Software

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'Armored Core 3' (PSP) - 33 New Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 8, 2009 @ 12:00 a.m. PDT

Originally released on the PS2 in 2002, Armored Core 3 is getting ported to the PSP, with the addition of a multiplayer mode. The game is based around one entity that ruled the world, The Controller. As time went on several powerful Corporations came on the scene, waging war with eachother in their struggles to gain absolute power. Manipulated by The Controller, all was going according to the plan, but somehow, the forces of chaos began to rise...

The game is based around one entity that ruled the world – This was simply called The Controller. The Controller handled the major decisions of everyone's life. People took it for granted that The Controller would handle every aspect of their lives for them. Under the rule of The Controller, people lived safe, yet uninspired lives of a promised prosperity. As time went on, several powerful factors known as Corporations came on the scene. In their separate struggles to gain absolute power, the Corporations waged war upon each other. The Controller even manipulated the war between the Corporations. All was going according to the plans of The Controller, but somehow, the forces of chaos began to rise...

Game Features:

  • Prospective pilots can pad their bank accounts with credits earned from successful completion of 50 different mission assignments.
  • Over 70 Arena opponents stand ready to defend their rankings.
  • Employ a wingman for those missions where one AC just isn't enough.
  • Take advantage of the brand new "weapon drop" feature to shed weapons after expending their ammunition stores.
  • Dolby Surround Sound – Powerful sound increases game play and realism.
  • Up to 4 players Battle Mode – Up to 4 players can play at any one given time on the same battlefield.

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