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Blood Bowl

Platform(s): Nintendo DS, PC, PSP, Xbox 360
Genre: Sports
Publisher: Focus Home (EU), SouthPeak Interactive (US)
Developer: Cyanide
Release Date: January 2010

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'Blood Bowl' (ALL) - v1.2.0.1 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 28, 2010 @ 1:28 p.m. PDT

Blood Bowl, based on Games Workshop's board game, is a "game" of American football played by the insane warriors of the fantasy Warhammer universe, allowing you to create and manage teams that will take part in epic battles where fair-play is for sissies.

Get the Blood Bowl [ALL] v1.2.0.1 Patch off WP (40mb)

Blood Bowl v1.2.0.1 Fixes:

  • Update of the game allowing players of Blood Bowl and Blood Bowl Dark Elves Edition to use the same multiplayer servers (please note that a player from the older Editions cannot defy a player from the Legendary Edition).
  • Update from LRB5 to Competition Rules, for the available inducements, skills and characteristics of players (new features of Blood Bowl Legendary Edition, such as optionnal skills system or new inducement, are not included in the update).
  • Improvement and optimization of AI in solo mode.
  • The Goblin Bombardier arrives!


  • - Fixed an issue preventing league admins to update match results.
  • - Fixed an issue with a popup in match.


  • - Scoring in Opponent’s Turn - pushing an opponent with the ball into end zone, correctly awards the team with a touchdown and moves the turn marker (Apparently they like to celebrate!).
  • - Touchbacks - added a missing Timer during Touchbacks as well as added “Waiting for Opponent” message during Kickoff Returns and Touchbacks.
  • - Kick Off Event – Quick-snap - added a missing Timer during a Quick-Snap event.
  • - Kick-Off Event – High Kick - you can now set a player in the End-Zone.
  • - Crowd Casualties - Injuries done by the crowd is now correctly handled in the post-game sequence.
  • - Chain-pushed + Pick-up Ball - Players being chain-pushed onto the ball will no longer be able to attempt to pick it up.
  • - Mercenaries - fixed an issue that prevented you from hiring a positional, (if you had MNG Treeman for an example, you could not hire a mercenary Treeman for the upcoming game.)
  • - Match Winnings - the Winner will now be able to re-roll his D6 winnings, however the second result even if it is worse than the first will count.
  • - Ball & Chain - A player with the skill Ball & Chain is now forced to use up all his Movement Allowance before he can end his movement.
  • - Big Hand - Ignores enemy tackle zones when attempting a pick up.
  • - Bombardier - The extraordinary skill, Bombardier, has been added to the game.
  • - Bone-Head - If the player fails the Bone-Head roll, the player will be unable to use tentacles.
  • - Catch - A bouncing ball is now treated as a catch and can now be re-rolled with the Catch skill.
  • - Chainsaw - Chainsaw & Dodge, the Looney will now stay down once failing a dodge.
  • - Chainsaw - Chainsaw & Mighty Blow, will not stack anymore.
  • - Chainsaw - Chainsaw, adds +3 on armor roll on a failed ‘going for it’.
  • - Chainsaw - Chainsaw, adds +3 on armor roll on a failed dodge.
  • - Chainsaw - When chainsaw kicks back (roll 1) during Block Action the opponent cannot use Mighty Blow.
  • - Chainsaw - When chainsaw kicks back (roll 1) during a Foul Action, assists are not taken into account anymore.
  • - Chainsaw - When the Looney gets fouled, there will be no longer a +3 modifier to his armor roll.
  • - Chainsaw - Piling On skill cannot be used with Chainsaw skill.
  • - Dirty Player - It should now adds the +1 modifier on the Injury Roll correctly if there was no need for it to be used on the Armour Roll.
  • - Disturbing Presence, it now displays modifiers in the log.
  • - Diving Catch - Diving Catch, it now works only if the square it empty.
  • - Diving Catch, 2 players using this skill will cancel each other out.
  • - Diving Tackle - Diving Tackle, a better explanation has been provided in the pop-up, whether or not to use Diving Tackle should now be easier to understand.
  • - Dump-Off - inaccurate passes that bounces off the pitch, will now correctly be thrown in.
  • - Dump-Off - passing arrow should now be locked on the player that is doing the Dump-Off, indicating from where the Dump-Off is thrown.
  • - Dump-Off - there are now "Interceptor indications" displayed, for players that can intercept during the Dump-Off sequence.
  • - Foul Appearance - The opponent can now re-roll a failed Foul Appearance roll.
  • - Frenzy, the ball will now bounce before resolving the 2nd Block.
  • - Frenzy, Side Step & Fend, if the player is in an adjacent square after the first Block the 2nd Block will be thrown.
  • - Frenzy & Take Root, 2nd Block is not possible any longer if the Treeman has taken root.
  • - Grab cancels out Side-Step during regular Blocks and Blocks part of a Blitz Action.
  • - Grab, the ability to place the opponent in any square on a pushback will only work if it’s a regular Block, not a Block part of a Blitz Action.
  • - Horns - Now always give +1 ST if it’s a Blitz Action.
  • - Jump Up & Block, added a pop-up message asking if you want to Jump Up & Block that explain how the skill works.
  • - Kick - added dice log for direction and distance, and the bounce!
  • - Kick Off-Return - the player can now be placed in the End Zone.
  • - Leader - no longer bypasses the Loner skill.
  • - Loner - Leader no longer bypass the loner skill.
  • - Mighty Blow - when a character with Mighty Blow blocks a player with a Chainsaw, the Chainsaw's +3 bonus is the only modifier on Armour Roll, if it breaks the Armour Roll, the Mighty Blow skill will be used on the Injury Roll.
  • - Multiple Block - should no longer be asked when the player fouls.
  • - Nerves of Steel - Should now work during Trow Team-Mate.
  • - Pass - Completions, a player passing to himself will no longer earn SPP for completions.
  • - Prehensile Tail - Prehensile Tail & Shadowing, when a PT player succeeds his shadowing roll the prehensile tail modifier is applied on the opponent dodge rolls.
  • - Pro - now works with Safe Throw.
  • - Pro - now works with Foul Appearance.
  • - Really Stupid - If the player fails the Really Stupid roll, the player will be unable to use tentacles.
  • - Safe Throw - can now be re-rolled.
  • - Safe Throw - is now used during a Dump-Off.
  • - Shadowing - can no longer shadow a Pass Blocker.
  • - Shadowing - now works as in CRP.
  • - Side-Step - cancels out Grab if used.
  • - Stab - does not work with Mighty Blow
  • - Stab - ignores niggling injuries.
  • - Strong Arm - works with Throw Team-Mate.
  • - Stunty - now works as in CRP.
  • - Tentacles - now works as in CRP.
  • - Throw Team-Mate - Passing circles are now correctly displayed for Treemen that has taken root and are trying to Throw Team-mate.
  • - Throw Team-Mate - Interceptor Indications have been removed during a Throw Team-Mate Action, since players cannot intercept a flying player.
  • - Very Long Legs - should now add the modifiers correctly in the log.


  • - Kick-Off Table, Riot now works as in the Competition Rules.
  • - Kick-Off Table, Get the Ref now adds 1 additional bribe to both teams.
  • - Bribes, bribes will now work on a 2+ roll, on 1 the bribe will be wasted and the call still stands!
  • - Ball & Chain, disabled "End Turn" when the Ball & Chain player is moving, all his Movement Allowance needs to be used before he finish his movement.
  • - Diving Catch, adds +1 to the catch roll if the pass was accurate.
  • - Horns, always +1 ST when Blitzing.
  • - Safe Throw, only on a natural 1 during a pass the Thrower will lose the ball.
  • - Shadowing, the player shadowing roll the dice.
  • - Tentacles, the player that tries to escape rolls the dice.
  • - Stab, ignores all Modifiers including Niggling Injuries (except Stakes).
  • - Stunty, treats roll of 7 as K.O, 9 as Badly Hurt.
  • - Goblin Teams, Bombardier, this tiny git makes an explosive appearance!


  • - Disconnection Pop-up should now always be on top.


  • - Saved Games - (that are saved in the middle of the match) now store the inducement information correctly.
  • - Simulator – Mortality rate and Seriously Injuries have been reduced for the AI Teams when simulating AI matches, to ensure the AI teams stays competitive once they play the player.

Blood Bowl v1.1.3.3 Fixes:

  •  New Side Step mechanisms

Blood Bowl v1.1.3.2 Fixes:

- Reverted the Side Step changes.
- Fixed online news not displayed in some case.

Blood Bowl v1.1.3.1 Fixes:

- Players can now create private leagues online using the Cup, Play-off and Grand Slam layouts.
- Private League Administrators can now check match results and rankings in their leagues, even though they are not participating as a coach in the league themselves.
- Coaches can now discard Cheerleaders, Apothecaries and Re-rolls in Multi-player as according to LRB 5.0.
- Fixed a bug that prevented a Private League with administrated results to advance to next Match Day.
- Fixed Side Step during chain pushes.
- Always Hungry: An eaten player will now correctly lose his tackle zones.
- Disconnection & Network Failure pop-up windows are now always displayed on top.
- Fixed Secret Weapon players being sent off after loading a save game when they haven't yet played.
- Fixed crash when receiving team had no players left on the field after a touchback, during the kick-off event Blitz!

Blood Bowl v1.0.2.2 Fixes:

- Dark Elves introduction video should now play in fullscreen.
- Fixed crash in tutorial.

Blood Bowl v1.0.2.1 Fixes:

- Matchmaking is available
- Reduced match loading time
- Public sounds are lower
- Fixed wrong team displayed in GUI when playing with two exported teams
- Fixed a crash when loading a replay where a team bought extra rerolls
- Added interception hints when using Dump-Off
- Fixed misplaced passing arrow when using Dump-Off
- Fixed misplaced passing arrow after using Multiple Block
- Ball & Chain: Can't use Multiple Block and Juggernaut, can't be blocked by Tentacles
- Fixed Break Tackle, Dauntless, Take Root

Blood Bowl v1.0.1.10 Fixes:

- Fix a potential crash when one player has the skill Kick Off Return.

Blood Bowl v1.0.1.9 Fixes:

- Fix a crash that was linked to an audio compatibility problem on the game version.

Blood Bowl v1.0.1.8 Fixes:


- Blitz!: Stuns caused during Blitz! are not discounted anymore.
- Campaign: Playing teams are now more randomly selected.
- Dice Modifiers: Some modifiers were not properly applied.
- Fan Factor: Fan Factor variation is now properly computed.
- Go For It: A Go For It was rolled for the second block of Frenzy when this move was the last movement available.
- Go For It: Was not properly rolled when doing a Hand-off.
- Interception: An interceptor must be closer to the thrower than the thrower is to the target player/square of the pass, and closer to the targetplayer/square of the pass than the thrower is to the target player/square of the pass.
- MVP: Players not available to play will not be eligible for MVP anymore.
- Placement: It is now impossible to swap a character in reserve with an opponent.
- Save: Saved games at turn 16 will not add an extra turn anymore when loaded.
- Simulation: Players with No Hands should not earn Pass/TD/Interceptions SPP anymore.
- Touchback: Can now give the ball to a team-mate in the opponent side after a Quick Snap event.
- Touchback: AI will not give the ball to a player with No Hands anymore.


- Lobby Chat: Blacklisted players' messages will not appear anymore.
- Lobby Chat: Will not return to foot of page anymore when receiving messages from other players.
- Petty Cash: Team values of both team are now displayed.
- Placement: Fixed a loss of input when placement timeout occured.
- Post Match: Fan Factor rolls are now displayed.
- SPP: Are now displayed on the player sheet.
- Turn Marker: Each team now has its own turn marker.


- Armours: Beastmen armours' prices have been updated.
- Armours: Buff probability of all armours are now properly used.
- Default teams: Now have correct team value.
- Goblin Fanatic: Now moves one square at a time, but is forced to spend his whole movement.
- Goblin Fanatic: Doesn't earn SPP anymore when knocking down players of his team or when injuring already down characters.
- Goblin Fanatic: Now Turnover happens when knocking down a team-mate.
- Goblin Looney: Will not get up anymore when failing a Dodge.
- Goblin Pogoer: Now has MA 7.
- Star Player Slibli: Now has AGI 1.
- Star Players: A Star Player will not play anymore if induced by both team.


- Chainsaw: A player dodging next to a character with Chainsaw is not hurt anymore by the chainsaw.
- Diving Tackle: fixed a bug where ball carrier was knocked down with the ball.
- Diving Tackle: A dodge roll could be re-rolled twice.
- Dump-Off: Timer fixed. Hail Mary Pass can not be used anymore during Dump-Off. Player that failed Really Stupid Roll are notre prompted anymore to use Dump-Off.
- Hail Mary Pass: Can now be used to launch the ball at a greater distance than Bomb.
- Horns: It now works correctly, even combined with Frenzy.
- Mighty Blow: It is now used to break armour only when needed, and is counted when re-rolling with Piling On.
- Pass Block: A player using Pass Block does not have to roll for a negative skill before to move (Really Stupid, Bone Head, Wild Animal and Take Root).
- Pro: can be used during the opponent turn to re-roll Tentacles and Shadowing. When you fail pro, dice is not re-rolled anymore.
- Really Stupid: A player with the Skill Really Stupid does not give a bonus anymore to a player rolling for Really Stupid.
- Right Stuff: The player with this skill may now take its turn if he is thrown before he has moved and fails to land but is uninjured
- Shadowing: Player should now be able to throw a Block next turn.
- Throw Team-Mate: Passing skills are now used.
- Stand Firm: Doesn't work anymore when the player is Prone.
- Very Long Legs: It now prevents the use of Safe Throw.

Blood Bowl v1.0.1.7 Fixes:

  • Morg 'n' Thorg - a new Star Player - is available for all races!
  • Bouncing ball when using Frenzy shouldn't freeze the match anymore
  • Fixed a case where multiplayer invitation didn't work
  • Fixed a crash when AI had no players left on field
  • Fixed a memory leak in the GUI

Blood Bowl v1.0.1.6 Fixes:

  • Fixed cases of match save corruptions, players should now be able to recover most of previously not working match saves
  • Improved the multiplayer invitation system in order to help players with port issues
  • Journeymen and mercenaries will not lose their Loner Skill anymore when loading a saved match
  • Fixed rare cases where the AI could launch the ball more than once in the same turn

The patch replaces the patch because a non-finalized version of the patch was leaked. So some players have a non-finalized version of the game. All players must install the patch now. There is no additional fixes between the patch and the patch.

Blood Bowl v1.0.1.5 Fixes:

  • Players with the Chainsaw skill can't use Frenzy nor Multiple Block
  • Knocked Out players with the Secret Weapon skill are now correctly sent off by referee at the start of a drive
  • Blitzing with a knocked down player now correctly uses Blitz
  • Fixed characteristic increase skills not working in some case
  • Casualty SPPs are now properly awarded when apothecary is used on a casualty
  • Added a limited number of in-game pauses in multiplayer
  • Journeymen are now added before petty cash
  • Teams can hire Star Players in the open league
  • Private league owner can now change results of current day's games even if games have been played
  • Regional public rooms have been added in the multiplayer lobby
  • A multiplayer game where one of the player disconnects at the loading screen should now be discarded
  • Multisampling has been set to 1 in the option

Blood Bowl v1.0.1.3 Fixes:

  • Optimization of stadium #6 available in the tutorial and optimization of the campaign #1 that needed more resources than usual for some configurations.
  • Dirty words filter applied on Teams and Players names.
  • Saves loading process corrected to prevent corrupted saves files.
  • Timeout after invitations will last 20s more to provide time to players to join a party.
  • Getting a 6 during a Pass roll will always result in a perfect pass.
  • When « Get the Ref » occurs in the first half, players with Secret Weapon are not sent off by the referee at the second half.
  • When the Fanatic pushes a player who’s already lying on the floor, one move is consumed.
  • Horns skill now correctly works.
  • Problem when combining Multiple Block and Guard is now solved.
  • The ball may now be caught by the team which benefit from the “Blitz” kick-off event.In some cases, at the end of a match in which a non-critical synchronisation problem occurred, statistics were not always registered. This is fixed, the match will now count.

The imaginary forerunner of football, Blood Bowl is an ultra violent team sport based on the Warhammer world. It lets players compose a team of Orcs, Elves, Humans, Dwarves and many others fantasy creatures before jumping into the bloodiest arenas. The sport game is both strategic and violent. It requires tactics, a certain amount of game-sense and a lot of self-confidence.

A brutal team sport unfolding in a parallel fantasy world based on Warhammer and American football, Blood Bowl invites gamers to form a team of players from such races as: Orcs, Elves, Humans, Dwarfs and many other fantasy creatures, and launch themselves into battle in the bloodiest of arenas. This strategy sports game combines a fine balance of tactics and bone crunching action!

The game offers two game modes. The first, which is fully real time, offers a spectacular gameplay. Intense battles between blocking linemen and daring displays of agility of players leaping and dodging through opponents tackle zones, while powerful spells and dirty trick special plays are unleashed across the pitch; all this creates a highly charged atmosphere. Of course, since it is sometimes difficult to keep an eye on the entire field at once, the game’s interface offers different tactical and strategic setups, while the AI is responsible for managing the players on the field.

The second game mode, an actual turn-based game, is a treat for players of the original board game because it is an exact replica of Games Workshop's tabletop masterpiece. The original rules have been faithfully reproduced, and it contains all of the devices, strategies, play and rhythm of the original game.

The single-player experience allows the player to manage a team throughout an entire season of Blood Bowl, through the Old World of Warhammer. The team will evolve over the course of victories, experience gained and awards won. With its immense depth, the game can almost be considered as a management game, from managing the popularity and sponsorship of players to the purchase and sale of players, as well as their aging, retirement and even death.

In multiplayer, the player will be able to throw down a challenge to other Blood Bowl players and participate in large tournaments on the Internet in order to climb the official ranks.

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