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Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Publisher: Konami Europe (EU), Konami (US)
Developer: Rebellion
Release Date: Jan. 31, 2012 (US), Feb. 3, 2012 (EU)

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'NeverDead' (ALL) Introduces Demon Fighter Bryce Boltzman - New Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 29, 2010 @ 3:10 a.m. PDT

NeverDead will feature third-person action gameplay set in a fantasy and horror-influenced universe where supernatural battles between humans and extraordinary creatures blanket a vast city landscape.

Gamers will wield a butterfly design-inspired sword and an arsenal of guns to decimate waves of ungodly enemies in the not-too-distant future.

NeverDead begins in the waking hours of peace and calm, when the world is under threat of being consumed by a demonic plague.  Centuries have passed since the world succumbed to an unforeseen shadow of evil, and a hero was made an immortal by demons. These demons have risen once again in the present day causing unrelenting mayhem reinforced by destructible environments within the game.  Now using his immortalic regenerative powers re-assembling his own body to evade death, the hero carries out the only salvation the world will know, for he is Never Dead.

Konami has detailed the two protagonists at the heart of the game, which takes the form of an all-action 3D title set within a series of beautifully-realised stages. At the heart of the game is Bryce Boltzman, a renowned and immortal demon fighter. 500 years ago, Bryce failed to defeat a Demon King, where he lost all hope and passion for life. Since then, Bryce has lead a solitary life – until the formation of the NCDA.

The NCDA is the National Counter Demon Agency, and Bryce has been recruited to take on the demons that have again started to infiltrate the human world. It is here that he meets the mysterious Arcadia: a new agent reluctantly partnered with Bryce. While Bryce is a disinterested but an experienced demon fighter, Arcadia is cooler and professional. Together, they must fight against the hordes...

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