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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Digital Reality

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'Nadirim' Details Its Minion System - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 5, 2010 @ 8:13 a.m. PDT

Nadirim is a free-to-play, browser-based, MMORPG placed in a fantasy world inspired by the tales of the Arabian Nights. Explore Nadirim and its unique world of Arabian myths and fables to immerse yourself in an online role playing experience that has never been brought to browser platforms before!

The game takes the player into the world of the Arabian Nights, a world that is fictional in geographical and historical terms but incorporates the best known elements of Arabian fables and mythology like djinns, adventurous thieves, mysterious princesses, potions, alchemy, and — of course — heroes and villains.

You can choose from five different character classes to advance through the battles with the forces of darkness. You can become a Warrior, a Sage, a Nomad, a Ruffian or a Caravan Master and roam the empire through exotic maps. Additionally you can show off your personal style by customizing your character.

The main plot will unfold through story quests, while daily and group quests will provide deeper exploration and strong PvE (Player versus Environment) content. Moreover, you can fight monsters, enter Arena fights and engage in various PvP (Player versus Player) competitions to gain extra experience and other rewards. In this adventure you will never be alone as you can train pets or hire servants to take into epic fights, or you can easily find friends to enter group quests or fights with. Using different skills in the turn-based combat allows you to make each battle a unique one.

Minion types

Minions will aid you in your adventures as you wander through the world of Nadirim. These trusty sidekicks can perform one of two roles: they can be companions, or they can support you in combat.

  • Companions: If you decide to train a minion as a companion it will bring you regular bonuses, such as increased speed, inventory slots and many other things, depending on which minion you choose.
  • Combat minions: Combat minions are powerful allies that only wait for your signal to enter into combat and wreak havoc upon your enemies.

Minions can be animals, humans, or even mythical creatures, so there is a wide assortment from which to choose.

How to obtain minions

In terms of minions, the Nomad and the Caravan master are the favored classes. Only they can capture and train minions.

The Nomad has a chance to capture and tame animals at the end of a successful fight, while the Caravan Master can persuade human mobs to become allies. This probability is governed by a character attribute that can be increased through level ups and equipment. (This attribute is displayed on the Statistic Screen and on the empty minion slots of the Minion Screen.)

All other Nadirim character classes can possess minions, but only once they reach the higher levels of the game, and only by purchasing them at the Beast Market or Tavern.

Minion training

Once a Nomad or Caravan Master obtains a minion they have to train it, either as a companion (for example, as a mount that provides a speed bonus) or as a warbeast or henchman that fights as an ally in combat.

The other character classes can only buy minions that have already been trained and specialized.

The minion screen

The minions you own are displayed on the Minion Screen, on the left-hand sidebar. The number of available minion slots depends upon your character class, your level and the passive skills you have learned. Nomads or Caravan Masters can possess from two to six minions. The other classes start with no minion slots, and the maximum number they can reach is three.

When you click on a minion in your minion bar, the screen will show additional information and functionality for that minion.

  • Your minion's health is shown by the green health bar on this screen. If a combat minion's health decreases to zero in combat, it won't die, but it will become incapacitated. You won't be able to use that minion until its health regenerates.
  • Minions gather XP and level up, as shown by the blue XP bar. When a minion levels up, its effectiveness increases. However, every minion has a level cap, and different starting values, so there is a limit to what various minions can achieve..

Your minions also have attributes, as shown on the Statistics tab. These are either the attributes they use in combat, or the attribute bonuses they give you. These attributes increase as your minion levels up, or when you equip your minion using your minion's equipment slots, displayed on your Inventory Screen.

Combat minions must also have a skill set they can use in combat. You can add skills into your minion's skill set by navigating to the Skills Screen.

The life of a minion

You will have many minions to choose from, so you may need to get rid of some, to make room for newer and more powerful minions. To do this, you have two options. You can either sell your minions, or simply send them away by clicking on the 'Dismiss Minion' button.

On the other hand, you may have one minion that grows on you so much that you wouldn't part with it for all the gold of Nadirim. If you have such a beloved minion, you can set it as your favorite. This gives you the opportunity to name it, and removes that minion's level cap. But be careful, if you set a minion as your favorite, the only way to change your mind is to dismiss that minion.


  • Online browser game, no downloads or installation needed
  • Free-to-play (F2P)
  • Beautiful graphics and original soundtrack
  • Engaging storyline and exciting quests
  • Strong PvE and PvP content
  • Personal paths to glory with five different classes
  • Possibility to forge alliances, build guilds with other players

Nadirim is quickly approaching its closed beta phase but it's still not too late to sign up! If you want to get a sneak preview of the game and help the development team by sharing your insights and looking for bugs then hurry up and apply for a beta key now!

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