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Soldner: Secret Wars

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Jowood
Developer: Wings Simulations
Release Date: June 22, 2004

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'Soldner: Secret Wars' - v33800 Update Patch & Server Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 5, 2010 @ 1:46 a.m. PDT

Soldner: Secret Wars takes team based warfare to the next level with a battlefield spanning 18 million square miles featuring fully destructible terrain, you can join a team of mercenaries and engage in fierce firefights with up to 32 players.

Get the Soldner: Secret Wars v33800 Patch & Server off WP (286mb)


- updated python to version 2.5.4
- updated to latest version of physics engine
- fixed an error that allowed the use of one nickname with several players simultaneously
- fixed a vulnerability of the server version, which could be exploited to cause a DoS (Denial of Service)
- fixed a security hole that could be used to run malicious code on any gameserver
- deleted a resolution from the options menu that is not supported by the games GUI system
- changed the physics calculation so the tanks now use all wheels instead of only three
- altered the steering routine for tanks so they are easier to control even at higher speed
- fixed crash of gameserver when trying to load a preset without a mapcycle
- cooking your last grenade won't make you unable to interact with the environment anymore
- cosmetic changes of grenade cooking animation
- fixed major bug that could be used to get through walls and crash servers
- trees don't bump around after falling anymore
- fixed error with invisible body parts of some players (or bots) in multiplayer and training mode
- a new sortable column in the terminal now shows weapon categories (AR (Assault Rifle), CB (Carbine), CB+S (Carbine+Scope), etc.)
- the current time is now displayed properly when changing weather with an rcon command
- spawn flag can now be selected when team balance forces the player in one team after joining the server
- commander is no longer able to request items from teamaccount
- weapons and vehicles now show long category name in statistics view
- ranking money settings restricted to a range of $3000 to $5500
- added new feature that allows to randomly select a new weather state every round
- enabled frame animations for vehicles - Radars of Gepard, Tunguska and FlaRakPz Roland are now animated
- added a language menu to the game options
- administrators can now adjust price factor for helis and jets separately
- adjusted vote settings
- on teamkill autokick and successfull kick vote a chat message will advert to the use of the abuse board
- heat seeking rockets now have distinct weapon hud icons for anti ground and anti air rockets
- added popup window for the commander to confirm splitting of team account (also shows amount every player will receive)
- commander targets will now only be visible when the commander is in the commander view
- the commander now gets scoring points when players kill their target
- Mobile Respawn is now only visible in pre spawn menu when a player actually joined the team
- in CTV and CTF gamemode the mobile respawns are now displayed on the spawn map - to join at the mobile select it, to join in the base deselect it
- fixed bug with laser targets that stayed active even when the laser designator was deactivated
- added Sniper-Kit function to announce the current laser target to the team (right-click)
- rcon commands that contain more than one "!" will no longer compromise the rcon password in the open chat
- when players are muted they can no longer use AGS gestures
- added rcon and webinterface function to mute and unmute players
- rope HUD element now shows the rope status and the name of the attached vehicle
- commander airstrike completely reworked
- fixed error that caused the commander mode to be not accessible when the commander was in a transport jet
- added a cheat protection feature, server and client version can now be started certified or uncertified
see FAQ-entry for further description:


- engine sound of 'Osprey' is now working properly
- shooting sounds of the 'Gepard' are now working again
- the transport hook is back
- changed the scope view of the tanks 'Type 85' and 'Type 98' so they don't change their scope when using IR anymore
- fixed several scope views that were not properly displayed with wide screen resolutions
- the handling of the 'Landrover' is more stable now
- adjusted the lifetime of all tv guided bombs and rockets so they can be used reasonable
- fixed an error that put the camera of the passenger seat of the 'Wiesel MK20' below the map
- changed the seats of all 'Wiesel' tanks so there can now be a gunner
- altered the camera positions for the gunners of the attack helicopters so it's easier to hit a target
- the 'Lada' can now break through light metal fences
- all scoped weapons now have the same magnification as their real counterparts
(e.g. the 'M4 Sopmod' now has a 4x magnification and can not be zoomed in and out)
- the ironsights now provide a slight zoom
- added three new weapon scopes used by:
FN SCAR-L, HK G11, M4 A1, M4 SOPMOD, SIG 551, SIG 552
- added four new vehicle scopes used by:
Gepard, Leopard2A6, Luchs, Marder
BTR-70, BTR-90, Rooikat, Supply-V, MedEvac, WZ-551, CV-90
Leclerc, Challenger
BMD-2, BMP-1, BMP-3
- reworked helicopter infrared and nightvision visors
- jets and helicopters now use black & white infrared
- tank 'T-90' renamed to 'Black Eagle'
- jet 'Su-34 Flanker' renamed to 'Su-34 Fullback'
- helicopter 'SA 360 Dauphin' now has only one gunner seat
- Comanche Anti-Air MG movable again
- Comanche Anti-Air Gunner now controls MG; Pilot Flares and Sidewinder
- A-10 Weapon positions changed (distribution of the bombs below the aircraft)
- unguided bombs of A-10 now use the proper model for MK-82 bombs
- all laser guided bombs now have a falling sound and slight visual effect
- changed transmission settings of wheeled vehicles to avoid shifting glitches (gears were switched back and forth very fast)
- Laser bombs are less agile now
- Mark V, RAC, SOC-R, Fennek and Wolf grenades now have an explosion sound
- Explosion effect of Hydra rockets altered (had the same huge effect as airstrike and A-10 bombs)
- reworked stinger visor so the user can see more of the surrounding
- fixed error that allowed the pilots of 'AH-1 Cobra' and 'Mi-24 Hind' to control their gunners MG
- 'UH-60M BlackHawk' no longer throws two smoke grenades at once
- tank grenades now have an explosion sound
- adjusted maximum movement angles for MGs of Apache, Comanche, PAH Tiger, AH-1 Cobra, Mi-24 Hind helicopters
- balancing of jets and VTOLs adjusted
- balancing of all ships adjusted
- vehicle KSK Wolf now has smoke grenades
- Mi-17 Hip configured as cheap anti ground helicopter with laser guided bombs
- equipment country ("ALL") is now displayed properly
- damage settings of hydra rockets reworked
- all jets (except transporters) now have IR
- decreased maximum elevation of tank cannons
- redistributed weapon positions on jet Rafale (now also weapon statistics work properly)
- hit effects for projectiles of tank mainguns are now displayed properly (e.g. when they hit water)
- all tank mainguns now have the same range
- vehicle smoke grenades changed to white smoke (helicopter smokes still emit red smoke)
- changed country abbreviation for China from C to CN
- changed country abbreviation for Sowjet Union from UDSSR to USSR
- passenger of truck EQ2102 is now visible
- turret move sound volume decreased
- BTR90 main cannon mag size increased from 100 to 300
- decreased self kill score penalty from 150 to 20
- commander tasks no longer add to the score of the receiving player
- MGs on UH-60L Black-Hawk now have gattling gun settings
- Medikit PowerUp duration increased (now 20sec)
- removed erroneous chat message for V-J-D AGS
- reduced weight of CRRC boat to avoid swinging when standing still in the water
- range of ground based anti-air missiles slightly increased
- added radar dome animation for new C-130 jet model
- fitted KA-50 Hokum with laser guided rockets again
- limited range of Sniper-Kit laser
- added rope HUD element for UH-60 Black Hawk, Chinook, V-22 Osprey
- infantry weapon balancing completely reworked


- all ships, Tractor, PCV Jeep, Su-34 Fullback, An-24 Coke and Y-7H now burn before they explode
- added hitmarkers to the ships and the Littlebirds so the damage is now calculated properly
- altered mesh of the muzzle flash of the MG on 'Wiesel Ozelot' so it's not considered by the physics anymore
- exchanged the MG on the 'Wiesel Ozelot' so it doesn't change its camo anymore
- fixed an error in the low poly mesh of UH-60L BlackHawk
- the low poly model of the 'KA-60 Kasatka' now has a camo
- UH-60Q Black Hawk now has a camo
- PAH Tiger HAP now has limited camera angles in first person view
- Bell UH-1D now has limited camera angles in first person view
- rear passengers of the 'Landrover' now sit on the seat bench correctly
- Fixed error with rockets that ended up in smoke when they hit a vehicle for:
* AH-6 Littlebird
* AH-6 Littlebird MG
* Landrover
* Merkavar MK2
* SA 360 Dauphin
* SA 360 Dauphin (Transport)
* T-80
* Black Eagle (T-90)
- replaced transport jet C-130 Hercules by an AWACS Version of the same plane
- changed texture of the Remington back to the silver version implemented by Wings
- Model of helicopter KA-50 Hokum reworked
- MG of KA-50 Hokum is animated correctly now
- transport jets now throw multiple flares
- reworked weapon textures for A-91, G36, LMG36, G36C, HK 21E, L85A2, MP5 and MG3
- new Mi-17 model implemented
- the vote notification icon now shows the default key to open the vote menu
- MGs on the UH-60L replaced by gattling gun models
- added new camos "Sommer13" and "desert13"
- Model of Gepard adjusted to work properly with the new radar animation
- altered muzzle flash meshes of the MGs on 'Mungo' so they are not considered by the physics anymore
- model of airport tower reworked, the building now has a functional destruction system and four usable stories
- two new buildings implemented: a lighthouse and a wooden cross

- Bahrain
* redesigned map, added buildings at hq spawn to protect spawning players
- Baikal Sea
* whole map redesigned
- Cape Hell
* changed position of several oil tanks where players could hide in
- Caledonia
* removed several trees to improve performance
- Countryside
* removed a ramp where players were able to hide in
- Deep Forest
* adjusted position of a stone where players could crawl in
- Field
* fixed an error that allowed players to spawn in their HQ even when it was held by the enemy
- Fastlane
* replaced spawn Harrier in HQ Blue with a Dauphin
* removed tank terminal at the airport of HQ Red
* moved CTF flags and CTV vehicle spawnpoints out of HQs
- Kurvanova
* redesigned CP Charlie, so the vehicles bought there won't spawn in trees and hit the buyer
- Mirage
* moved terminal where players could get into
- Pietrowsky
* changed position of a fence that could be used to go trough the wall of a building
* fixed hovering houses near HQ Blue
- River of Kazan
* moved helicopter spawn area to avoid destruction of some helis at spawn
- Riverside
* removed defective fences and roads from the previously deleted Riverside-2
* changed positions of several stones where players could hide in
- Silvereye
* Fixed several problems with misplaced buildings and spawnpoints
- Swamp Island
* Redesigned the landscape and added spawn vehicle "Mungo"
* moved deathmatch spawnpoint that was in the middle of a wall
- Villariva vs. Villabajo
* changed position of a fence that could be used to get under the map
* replaced spawn helicopter "Mi-17" in HQ Blue with "Mi-38"
- Vodka
* fixed issue with misplaced objects
- Volcano
* fixed hovering house in hq red
- Winterbase
* changed position of terminal in CP Alpha where players were able to hide in

New Maps:
- Russet Bay
- SSW Arena
- Kamchatka
- Lake Karachay

- Jet B2 removed
- Stun Grenade removed
- new vehicle added

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