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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
Genre: Role-Playing
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix
Release Date: Aug. 27, 2013 (US), 2013 (EU)

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'Final Fantasy XIV' (ALL) Patches In Development, Details

by Rainier on Nov. 11, 2010 @ 5:10 p.m. PST

Final Fantasy XIV, an all new massively-multiplayer role-playing game set in the vast realm of Eorzea, has been rebuilt from the ground up, and centers on the core concept of rebirth, featuring a new world to explore and storyline to experience.

In the past, the city-states battled tirelessly, vying for domination and hegemony. Death-mongering beast tribes pillaged the land unchecked, leaving only destruction in their wake. Unseen enemies lurked beyond the borders, striking at the slightest provocation or show of weakness. The history of Eorzea is a tapestry woven of war and strife, stained with the blood of those gone before, and the tears and ash of fallen endeavor.

And yet the love the gods bear this unforgiving land endures, now as always. What is the allure of this seemingly forsaken place? With what hope and to what end do would-be inhabitants journey here to live out their days?

The answer lies with that which gives form to Hydaelyn and all myriad creation in it – crystals. The cornerstone of all things, it is these crystallized manifestations of the aether that beckon the people to come, risking all in the undertaking. 

And so it is that adventures too have harkened the call – to bear witness to the epic set to unfold in this land. This Eorzea.

 November & December Version UpdatesFirst 2011 Version Update
QuestsThe addition of new guildleves Adjustments to existing guildleves The implementation of a feature allowing players to lower levequest difficulty after activating the leve Adjustments to local levequest rewards The Addition of a feature allowing players to abandon local levequests The implementation of main map markers to indicate the locations of local levequest clients Adjustments to existing behests
The addition of new guildleves Adjustments to existing guildleves The addition of new main scenario quests The addition of new class quests The addition of new tutorial quests Adjustments to existing tutorials
CombatAdjustments to classes Adjustments to combat balance Adjustments to enmity rates Adjustments to physical and magical accuracy rates Adjustments to how skill points are awarded Adjustments to monster population and territory The implementation of notorious monsters Improvements to the targeting featureFurther adjustments to classes Further adjustments to combat balance The further differentiation of actions to enhance class identities Adjustments to the effect of various parameters Adjustments to enemy population and territory The addition of notorious monsters (NMs) The addition of new battle content The addition of notorious monster-related battle content The addition of hamlet defense battles The addition of item exchange quests The addition of graphic displays to better clarify the effective ranges of actions The addition of countdown timers on status icons The addition of an "/assist" text command
Adjustments to existing synthesis recipes The addition of new synthesis recipes Improvements to synthesis controls The addition of a list that contains a player's eight most recently used recipes A reduction in the amount of commands necessary to begin synthesis Adjustments to gathering balance Adjustments to stack totals on select items The addition of a repair icon The addition of an auto item sort function Adjustments to item durability An increase in player inventory capacityFurther adjustments to existing synthesis recipes The addition of new synthesis recipes Further improvements to synthesis controls The addition of a reference list that contains all previously used recipes Improvements to repair controls A reduction of the number of commands necessary to begin repairs The addition of a manual sort function for items The addition of a gameplay feature that determines the quality of materials obtained from battle and gathering
Changes to how players access the market wards Adjustments to retainers A feature allowing players to change their retainers' equipment Changes to the retainer interface The addition of a default display of prices next to each item in a retainer's bazaar The implementation of icons for bazaar statuses (buying, selling, looking for repairs, etc.) An increase in the number of employable retainers The addition of an item search feature
Further adjustments to retainers An increase in retainer inventory capacity An increase in the number of items that can be placed in a retainer's bazaar A fix assuring that retainers do not leave their bazaar locations after server maintenance The addition of a sale/purchase history Functionality changes to the "buying" feature The addition of a delivery service
User InterfaceImprovements to the Main Menu The splitting of Attributes & Gear into two separate menu options The addition of a Loot option for easy access to the loot list Changes to how statuses are displayed Improvements to the Map The addition of mouse scrolling functionality The addition of a zoom feature The addition of party member location markers The addition of new customizable keyboard commands Improvements to the action bar, allowing players to freely position the widget Adjustments to macro functionalityChanges to main menu display format Changes to inventory list display format Improvements to various user-interface layouts Improvements to the Interactions menu The addition of a help text window The reorganization of on-screen information The reformatting of existing widgets, allowing for access of multiple windows at the same time Improvements to Actions & Traits menu response time Improvements to mouse and keyboard controls Improvements to character controls The addition of drag and drop functionality The addition of mouseover popup help text The addition of right-click menus The addition of a feature that will allow the cutting and pasting of macro buttons from the macro palette
CommunicationThe addition of a party invite feature to the friend list Changes to linkshell display Improvements to chat functionality The addition of a chat mode toggle feature The addition of multiple log window tabs and a feature allowing for multiple log windows The addition of chat filters for synthesis and harvesting The addition of a feature allowing the customization of chat mode font colorThe addition of "companies" (player-run guilds) The addition of company-owned ships The addition of company-owned buildings Improvements to existing linkshell features The addition of an in-game/Lodestone mail feature The addition of new search features
OthersThe further alleviation of server-load issues The reduction of various anima costs and the introduction of a feature that allows players to set "favorite" teleportation destinations
The addition of player titles
The LodestoneThe addition of a linkshell pageThe addition of new linkshell page features The addition of a company page The addition of a linkshell and company search feature An expansion of viewable character information


  • Conceived and produced by notable Final Fantasy developers – Produced by Hiromichi Tanaka (Final Fantasy I, II, III, XI) and directed by Nobuaki Komoto (Final Fantasy IX, XI), with art direction by Akihiko Yoshida (Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII) and musical score by Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy series).
  • In-depth character creation – Choose a race and clan before going on to customize your avatar’s face, hairstyle, skin color and more, with subtle adjustments allowing for limitless possibilities.
  • The Armoury System – With defining emphasis on the game’s weapons and tools, the Armoury System is a unique class system that influences both character development and an individual’s style of play. With it, players have the flexibility and freedom to fight, craft and gather whenever and however they so choose. Simply equipping an item will automatically cause the character to take on the class associated with it.
  • Aetheryte transportation–Traverse the realm of Eorzea instantly using this seemingly supernatural teleportation system.
  • Solo or party play – Adventure alone or in the company of others as you undertake quests and engage in battles on your travels through Eorzea.

The PC Standard Edition has an SRP of $49.99, while tCollector’s Edition has an SRP of $74.99. The Final Fantasy XIV for PS3 will be available early March 2011, with pricing to be announced at a later time.

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