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MonkeyPaw Brings More Japanese Games To PSN

by Rainier on Nov. 15, 2010 @ 7:42 p.m. PST

MonkeyPaw Games announced the release of two more PlayStation Import classics, Money Idol Exchanger and Arcade Hits: Sonic Wings Special on the PlayStation Network’s new Import Store, marking the first time that gamers will get to play these direct-from-Japan imports.

“We’ve been giving the import fans a run with some decidedly avant games from Japan.  Those in-the-know will appreciate Money Idol Exchanger and Sonic Wings Special for their contributions to the puzzle and shooter genres.” said John Greiner, President of MonkeyPaw Games. “We strive to bring quality Japanese gaming entertainment home to our users.  And we hope to grow the import category with gems like these.”

Money Idol Exchanger

The genre of stacked-objects-continually-falling to fill up the screen while you fight the deluge by mixing and matching objects can be remembered as the great age of puzzle twitchers.  Money Idol Exchanger is the definition of this genre but with some Idol love to help you through the maze.  With names like Mightdealer, Debtmiser, Everyworker, and Cherrybiter, the girls are of that special Japanese flavor with lots of cuteness thrown in. But the game’s true quality comes through on the two-player “versus” mode. Like all the great drop games, the intensity of the battle mode is where a game makes its grade and this game performs like a scholar.

Arcade Hits: Sonic Wings Special

Arcade Hits: Sonic Wings Special brings you to the fore of the great era of Japanese shoot‘em-ups.  This vertical scroller combines features of previous versions (Sonic Wings I-III) and delivers a mind-bending, trigger-finger-happy splurge through shooter heaven.  Sonic Wings Special features 2-player, same-screen simultaneous play and a choice of multiple jet fighters.  Pick from 7 teams and fourteen pilots flying high in twenty-six different jets.  Each captain is detailed out in anime graphics so you get a real feel for your co-pilot.  There are 17 stages with multiple paths in which to choose while levels can be randomly served.  Take a spin on your P-61 Black Widow and feel the power of Sonic Wings Special.

Money Idol Exchanger is a fun yet fierce competitive puzzle game, and Arcade Hits: Sonic Wings Special is a throwback shoot’em up that will get the adrenaline flowing. The titles will be offered at an affordable price point of $5.99 starting tomorrow, November 16th.

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