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Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Atomic Games
Release Date: Jan. 26, 2011 (US), Jan. 2011 (EU)

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'Breach' (ALL) Reveals Variety Of Guns, Some Experimental

by Rainier on Nov. 19, 2010 @ 6:11 a.m. PST

Breach is a first-person multiplayer shooter that literally blows the floor out from under conventional military shooters, introducing new kinds of destruction that haven't been seen in any other game

Breach is a first-person multiplayer shooter that literally blows the floor out from under conventional military shooters. Breach introduces new kinds of destruction that haven't been seen in any other game, unveils an Active Cover System which allows players to take advantage of any cover as it is ripped apart, and adds in unique, true-to-life spy gadgets which all changes the very nature of multiplayer combat.

Breach uses Atomic's innovative Hydrogen Engine to give players inventive ways to use destruction so they can stun, manipulate, and eliminate their opponents with a new toolbox of tactics. For the first time, virtual warriors can punch holes through floors to get the drop on enemies below, breach both interior and exterior walls, crush enemy fighters by collapsing ceilings and balconies, and even shoot away individual bricks to create "shooter's holes."  Breach is the first game to mix Atomic's ground-breaking Active Cover System, which lets players attach instantly to cover, quickly pop in and out of cover, and peak and blind-fire from behind cover, with an environment in which virtually anything that can be used for cover can also be destroyed. As walls get eaten away from bullets and explosions, characters will be able to use the new openings to return fire without leaving the protection of remaining cover. 

Players will take on the roles of some of the most elite field operatives in the US.  CIA Special Activities Division officers are the teams sent in on real-life black operations when no one can ever know the US was involved.  Atomic is using expertise it developed creating training systems for the world's leading military and intelligence organizations to bring the secret world of black operations to life with accurate weapons, gear, and real-life spy gadgets which virtual operators can use with real world tactics to defeat the enemy.

Every real-world weapon in Breach has its own physics baked into the engine to provide combat authenticity.  Each weapon is a true replica of what is used every day on the battlefield by both the US and the opposition, including many weapons not included in other shooters, which have been licensed by their manufacturers for use in Breach. These weapons can also be outfitted with attachments such as scopes and suppresors.  With each caliber firing from each weapon differently, and destroying cover as it would in real life, survival depends on knowing the right weapon to use in every situation.

Breach introduces weapons that are rarely, if ever, seen in other games such as the IAR, the Infantry Automatic Rifle, is the future weapon of the automatic rifleman. Designed to improve maneuverability and speed, it is set to replace the M240 as the default light machine gun of the USMC.  For those looking for closer forepower the Saiga┬«-12 is a semi-automatic shotgun, which allows users to fire multiple shotgun rounds without manually reloading. Based on the AK platform, it is extremely reliable and can be customized with a wide variety of optics.
As a first of its kind, the Adaptive Combat RifleTM (ACRTM) redefines modularity, can fire multiple calibers with a quick change, and has a free-floating top rail for accuracy and to mount a variety of optics.    For those looking for long range, the TPG-1TM is a modular high precision rifle designed for special military and law enforcement operations. It uses a box magazine feed system and has a rail system that allows for multiple optic configurations. 

Full Weapons List

  1. M4A1    
  2. HK 416   
  3. ACR   
  4. M60   
  5. M240   
  6. IAR   
  7. ACR
  8. TPG-1   
  9. M107-A   
  10. M1014   
  11. MP5   
  12. Saiga - 12     
  13. AK-103   
  14. SEAL Recon Rifle   
  15. MK 14 EBR   
  16. HK USP .45   
  17. M67 Frag Grenade   
  18. M18 Smoke Grenade   
  19. Breach Charge   
  20. M203   

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