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Combat Mission: Shock Force

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Paradox Interactive

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'Combat Mission: Shock Force' - v1.31 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Nov. 26, 2010 @ 10:37 a.m. PST

Combat Mission: Shock Force is a tactical military simulation depicting a hypothetical near future conflict between NATO and Syrian forces in Syria. A highly story driven semi-dynamic Campaign, from the US perspective, offers a completely new experience for "Combat Mission" fans.

Get the Combat Mission: Shock Force v1.31 Patch off WP (25mb)


This v1.31 Patch is for you if the following applies to you: - you own Combat Mission Shock Force and have a running version updated to v1.21 or v1.30

It does not matter where you purchased the game, or if you have any Modules installed or not. If you are playing CMSF v1.21 or v1.30 now, with or without any one of the modules or all of them, then you can install this patch.


During installation, this patch will allow you to select which components of the game you would like to patch. Multiple choices are allowed, and you have to choose ALL the game components that you have currently installed for the patch to work correctly. Multiple choices are possible. The choices include:

  • CMSF (you select this if you have just the base game and no modules installed)
  • Marines Module (you select this if you have the Marines module)
  • British Forces Module (you select this if you have the British Forces module)
  • NATO Module (you select this if you have the NATO module)

Example: if you have CMSF and all three modules, you would make sure that all four options are CHECKED.

Example Two: if you have CMSF and only the NATO module, and no other modules, you would make sure that the options for CMSF and NATO are CHECKED, and the options for Marines and British Forces are UNCHECKED

If you make a mistake, simply re-run the patch and make sure to select the right components to update.


NOTE: Save games from v1.30 and 1.21 ARE COMPATIBLE with v1.31, provided that you save your turn-based games in the COMMAND phase (not the replay phase) before upgrading to v1.31.


Due to the potential of conflicts with pre v1.31 game Mods, we advise uninstalling any mods prior to installing this Game patch. Mod authors will need to updated their mods using the v1.31 strings.txt embedded into the new "Version 131.brz" file.


Due to changes added in the v1.31 game code, your existing hotkeys file (which contains any customized key command settings and bindings) will be overwritten with this installer. If you had assigned custom hotkeys in the past, you will want to backup your Data\hotkeys.txt file before installing this patch. Once the patch is installed, you can compare your setting within the old (saved) file with the new one and copy in your old settings. Do not simply overwrite the new file with the old one though, that will not work and could cause the game to malfunction.


This patch will update your core CMSF game and all modules to v1.31, which includes many enhancements and improvements. Below is a brief list of some of the new v1.31 game features.

Combat Mission Shock Force v1.31 features

  • Gill and Javelin missiles track moving targets better at very close range.
  • Nyala armor fully protects against small arms, and non-RWS version has smoke launchers removed and carries .50cal MG not 7.62mm.
  • Nyala and G-Wagon gunners correctly rotate turrets in response to covered arc commands.
  • Fuchs forward MG has wider rotational arc.
  • Corrected a problem that intermittently caused adjusted artillery missions to take too long to arrive.
  • Soldiers receive reduced blast protection when an armored vehicle is between them and a very large explosion.
  • Launch sound changed for Gill missile.
  • Firing sound changed for C14, C15, L115A3, AWSMF, G22 sniper rifles.
  • Building collapse sounds are quieter at a distance.
  • When loading a scenario from v1.21 or earlier, custom "unit names" for individual squads, teams and vehicles are not applied to their leaders' names. Unit names for formations are unaffected.
  • Vehicles don't automatically stop firing when some passengers are disembarking.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented clicking on soldiers through a (transparent) building's roof.
  • Corrected Syrian and Canadian rank icons.
  • TOE updates:
    • Canadian independent engineers added.
    • Demolition charges for Canadian Pioneers added
    • GPS added to all leaders of Blue rifle squads.
    • Germans and Dutch receive additional radios.
    • Dutch receive additional night vision equipment.
    • Miscellaneous corrections.
  • T-90 tank does not overreact popping smoke in response to laser targeting [Marine Module only].
  • In the New Game screen, the time displayed for each scenario (e.g. "01:20") refers to the length of the scenario, not the time of day.
  • nVidia light-flashing bug is fixed
  • Computer player is smarter about disembarking passengers from immobilized vehicles.


This new patch includes the optional install of a new, and we think, exciting tool. This tool seamlessly attaches to your internet browser (currently Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox supported) and gives you instant access to game news, patches, demos, chat channel as well as other popular browser toolbar *gadgets* such as realtime weather reports (unique to your hometown!), a spell checker and pop-up blocker. Fully user configurable and expandable, your new Community toolbar unlocks the full potential of your internet browser to keep you connected with the ever-growing world of games and resources! You can find more details on this new free utility here.

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