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SimBin Teams With RaceRoom Entertainment For Online Racing

by Rainier on Nov. 8, 2010 @ 5:13 a.m. PST

Swedish game developer SimBin Studios and Swiss based entertainment company RaceRoom Entertainment announce their entering into a long term strategic business partnership, joining forces in the online racing business.

SimBin is the award winning Swedish game development company with special focus on authentic racing simulations and is well known for its ultra realistic racing games like “GTR”, “GT Legends”, “Race Pro” and many others. The concept of the RaceRoom software is based on SimBins experience from several games and is also filled with over 50 famous racing circuits and more than 600 existent racing cars created by the Swedish developer.

Henrik Roos, SimBin Studios AB, CEO and former professional racing driver comments: “We are very happy to enter the world of online racing with a strong partner like RaceRoom Entertainment AG. We are currently jointly evaluation and discussing every option to offer the best online racing experience in the market.”

By using the latest simulation technology the RaceRoom Entertainment AG offers a real world of racing into which everyone – regardless of age – can immerse to experience the unique fascination of motor sports live and direct. In high class racing simulators multiple players can compete against each others in virtual live races on some of the most thrilling race circuits from around the world. Race bucket seats and high end steering wheels, integrates with a widescreen display system and immersive sound catapults the players straight into the world of racing.

“We want to entertain and thrill the people with our virtual racing products. And I think most of the people are excited. If somebody was caught by the race fever he has to come back and try it again. The unique selling proposition of the cooperation between RaceRoom and SimBin is the fact that real racing drivers have developed realistic virtual racing software in which they also have integrated their own racing experience” says Peter Banz, CEO of the RaceRoom Entertainment AG.

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