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Distant Worlds: The Return of the Shakturi

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Matrix Games
Developer: Code Force
Release Date: Christmas 2010

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'Distant Worlds: The Return of the Shakturi' - New Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 13, 2010 @ 12:57 a.m. PST

Distant Worlds: The Return of the Shakturi is an expansion to the 4X space strategy game Distant Worlds, adding new features and improvements, but also two new and unique alien races complete with riveting events that expand upon the original and move the timeline of the universe forward into its next chapter with exciting new endgame options.

An ancient evil is returning to the vast universe of Distant Worlds!

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said “The Shakturi are not the type of creatures you want to invite over for the holidays and it’s going to take a clever and skilled space commander to bring them down! Are you up to the challenge?”

Return of the Shakturi also comes packed with interface improvements like an Empire Navigation Tool to provide quick access to everything in your empire, Action Buttons for one-click access to common tasks, an Enemy Targets list showing all known enemy threats, Build Orders to mass-produce groups of new ships in one simple step, and much more! All this coupled with new Empire Policies to fine tune the auto-management of your empire, new galaxy shapes, and extended modding support make Return of the Shakturi an essential add-on to the vast, living galaxy of Distant Worlds!

  • New backstory
  • Two new alien races with exciting storyline events!
  • Next chapter of the storyline where a possible intergalactic menace returns!
  • Fighters and Carriers
  • Build fighter bay components into ships and bases
  • Fighters launch from carriers to intercept enemies: standard fighters that attack other fighters, bombers that attack ships and bases. Several fighter and bomber variants available with research.
  • Completely new Research system with comprehensive tech trees
  • Greatly expanded technology options with customizable research costs allow you to tailor your game to your liking!
  • Queue multiple research projects in each tree, crash research to obtain new tech faster
  • Some research projects improve existing components, minimizing the need to retrofit ships and bases to obtain new tech advantages
  • New tech for your ships and bases
  • Missiles faster and longer range than torpedoes
  • Ion Weapons fire ion bolts that disable weapons and engines of enemy ships
  • Ion Defense protects ships and bases from the effects of ion weapons
  • Point Defense Cannons attack enemy fighters and bombers
  • Fleet Targeting Uplink improve weapons targeting of all nearby ships
  • Fleet Area ECM improve countermeasures of all nearby ships
  • Area Shield Restore quickly recharge shields of your nearby ships when in battle
  • HyperBlock Components provide safe zone around space ports, pulling enemy ships out of hyperspace before they reach a target
  • Trace Scanners reveal internal details of enemy ships and bases
  • Planetary Facilities built at colonies
  • Troop Academy trains elite troops with high strength
  • Robotic Troop Foundry manufactures robotic troops
  • Troop Cloning Facility clones the best troops in your empire
  • Giant Ion Cannon fires disabling ion bolts at invading enemy ships
  • Planetary Shield defends the colony against enemy bombardment
  • Regional Capital provides additional capitals in your empire, reducing corruption in nearby colonies
  • User Interface Improvements
  • Action Buttons - One-click access to common tasks, enabling you to easily manage most of your empire directly from the main screen
    • Colonize planets, build mining stations and other bases
    • Construct new ships and bases at space ports and colonies
    • Select enemy targets to attack
  • Empire Navigation Tool - Set of scrollable lists that provide quick access to everything in your empire: colonies, space ports, fleets, potential colonies, potential mining stations, etc.
    • Hover over an item in the list to ping its location in the main view
    • Click an item in the list to select it, double-click an item to move to it
  • Enemy Targets List - Shows all known enemy targets
    • Click a target to assign the nearest available fleet to attack it
    • Or cycle your fleets to attack with the selected fleet
  • Build Orders - Mass-produce many new ships in one simple step
  • Fleet enhancements
  • Automated Fleet formation generates both large and small sized fleets to more effectively handle both offense and defense
  • Automated Fleets automatically respond to intercept nearby enemies without additional player management
  • Other
  • Empire Policies: More detailed control over the automation of your empire set policy options that your advisers will enact for you, allowing you to focus on the strategic level.
  • New galaxy shapes in game setup
  • Extended modding support
  • Access to tech descriptions during Diplomacy
  • Many other minor improvements
  • Play Distant Worlds in windowed mode minimize the window while your game plays in the background
  • Please note: Distant Worlds Return of the Shakturi REQUIRES ownership of the original full Distant Worlds game.

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