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Sid Meier's Civilization V

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Firaxis Games
Release Date: Sept. 21, 2010 (US), Sept. 24, 2010 (EU)

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'Sid Meier's Civilization V' Upcoming Patch Focus On AI And Diplomacy, Details

by Rainier on Dec. 6, 2010 @ 8:26 a.m. PST

Civilization V reinvigorates the classic turn-based strategy genre with a new engine built from the ground-up. Players are introduced to a new combat system, deeper diplomatic interactions and a cavalcade of expanded features that deliver a fully immersive experience providing hours of entertainment as players build and defend their empire on their quest to become the greatest ruler the world has ever known.

Patch Details


  • Worker AI improvements.
  • Update to tactical AI pillaging code. Additionally, always check to make sure it’s not trying to pillage in an enemy dominance zone.
  • AI victory emphasis improvements (more efficient end-game when focusing on Science and Diplo victories).
  • AI should colonize other continents regularly.
  • AI will emphasize production of an Ocean going explorer unit when the time comes.
  • Adjust Napoleon to make him more likely to go for culture.
  • More aggressive second wave expansion (mostly off shore) after initial empire building and consolidation has occurred.
  • Optimization when finding routes (pathfinder improvement).
  • Multiple tweaks and bug fixes.
  • AI will now build ranged and mobile units more in line with the flavor settings.
  • Multiple defensive AI tweaks.
  • Never use ranged units to provide flanking bonuses. (Added 11/18)
  • Improve AI use of protected bombard attacks (melee in front, ranged in the rear). (Added 11/18)
  • Worker priority adjustments (prioritize pillaged tiles, etc.). (Added 11/18)
  • Further pathfinder optimization. (Added 11/18)
  • AI will be more aggressive about pursuing Diplo victory if they are wealthy. (Added 12/3)
  • AI more effective with building, moving, and using aircraft and anti-aircraft more effectively. (Added 12/3)
  • AI more likely to effectively use siege units in a city attack. (Added 12/3)
  • Better nuke targeting by AI. (Added 12/3)
  • Tactical AI Tuning: Reduce chance of AI civs making "suicide" attacks. (Added 12/3)
  • Multiple tweaks and bug fixes. (Added 12/3)
  • Cities heal more quickly.
  • Only allow one upgrade per unit from a goody hut.
  • Science building track adjustments (cost, specialist slots, GP Points, etc). (Added 11/18)
  • Amount of damage caused during naval combat increased. (Added 11/18)
  • Melee horse units combat value lowered, and now receive a penalty when attacking cities. (Added 11/18)
  • Lowered bonuses received from Maritime city-states. (Added 11/18)
  • Removed maintenance from defensive buildings. (Added 11/18)
  • Multiple unit upgrade track adjustments. Most (but not all) units now have a full upgrade path from start to finish. (Added 11/18)
  • Open terrain penalty lowered. (Added 11/18)
  • Policies must be selected the turn they are earned. (Added 11/18)
  • Promotions must be selected the turn they are earned. If it’s as a result of combat, then the beginning of the next turn. (Added 11/18)
  • Increased city strength ramp-up based on technology. (Added 12/3)
  • Catapults and Trebuchets now weaker against units but stronger VS cities, and reduced effectiveness of Archers & Crossbowmen (and their UUs) VS cities. (Added 12/3)
  • Have culture cost for policies never go down (trading away cities to reduce culture cost exploit). (Added 12/3)
  • Reduced effects of Forbidden Palace and Meritocracy (Happiness per city). (Added 12/3)
  • Reduced points from Wonders & Cities, increased points for population. (Added 12/3)
  • Reduced culture needed for first plot acquisition. (Added 12/3)
  • New Building: Circus Maximus (National Wonder for happiness track). (Added 12/3)
  • New Building: National Treasury (National Wonder for economic track). (Added 12/3)
  • Unhappiness beyond a certain point breeds rebels within your empire, based on the number of cities a player has. (Added 12/3)
  • Reduced amount of food needed for cities to grow at larger sizes. (Added 12/3)
  • Tradition branch balance (Landed Elite and Monarchy improvements). (Added 12/3)
  • Liberty branch balance (Settler training bonus now only applies to capital). (Added 12/3)
  • Buildings can now no longer provide more Happiness than there is population in a city (wonders are excluded from this). (Added 12/3)
  • 3 new additional Natural Wonders added to gameplay, with accompanying “rarity” code. (Added 12/3)
  • Multiple Tech Tree tweaks to address “slingshot” tech exploits. (Added 12/3)
  • Killing a barb inside a city-state's territory now gives a 5-turn buffer where there is no Influence intrusion penalty. (Added 12/3)
  • Reduced and balanced combat bonuses. (Added 12/3)
  • Tweaked the single-player score list to hide the civs of unmet ai players.
  • Added game option to disable automated workers from removing features. (Added 11/18)
  • Additional updates to the Global Politics screen. (Added 12/3)
  • Added game option to disable turn-blocking promotions and policy choices. (Added 12/3)
  • AI's attitude towards you is now visible in the diplo screen and diplo drop-down.
  • Added info tooltip for an AI leader's mood. Lists things that are making an AI player happy/upset.
  • New diplo system: Declaration of Friendship (public declaration with diplomatic repercussions).
  • New diplo system: Denounce (public declaration with diplomatic repercussions).
  • New custom leader responses (Serious Expansion Warning, Aggressive Military, Luxury Exchange, Borders Exchange, Gift Request).
  • Additional AI attitude tool-tips for cases that were not already covered. (Added 12/3)
  • Parent category counts now include counts of child categories.
  • Selecting/deselecting a category now automatically selects/deselects it's children and its parent.
  • Tweaked category name truncation to better fit names.
  • Hide categories w/ no children and a count of 0.
  • Added support for fallback languages (if mod is not translated, fall-back to English so text keys are not showing).
  • Support for mods that perform major restructuring of the tech tree including adding, deleting, and updating techs, buildings, and units. (Added 12/3)
  • Added GameEvents system for overriding Gameplay DLL specific functionality. (Added 12/3)
  • Fixed "Reload Landmark System" mod flag to now refresh landmarks defined in "ArtDefine_Landmarks". (Added 12/3)
  • Multiple SDK Updates (details to come with full patch notes). (Added 12/3)
  • Fixed save format which causes saves to increase the memory footprint of the game drastically when loading frequently over the course of the game.

Civilization V takes this definitive strategy game series in new directions with the introduction of hexagon tiles allowing for deeper strategy, more realistic gameplay and stunning organic landscapes for players to explore as they expand their empire. The brand new engine orchestrates a spectacular visual experience that brings players closer to the Civ experience than ever, featuring fully animated leaders interacting with players from a screen-filling diplomatic scene and speaking in their native language for the first time. Wars between empires feel massive as armies dominate the landscape, and combat is more exciting and intense than ever before. The addition of ranged bombardment allows players to fire weapons from behind the front lines, challenging players to develop clever new strategies to guarantee victory on the battlefield. In addition to the new gameplay features debuting in Civilization V, an extensive suite of community, modding and multiplayer elements will also make an appearance.

Key Features:

  • Believable World: More than just a strategy game -- the expanded visuals and immersive audio invite would-be kings to take up the reigns of power and forge a mighty empire.  Civilization V offers a limitless variety of vast, realistic and diverse landscapes for players to explore, battle over and claim as their own.
  • Inviting Presentation: An intuitive interface eases both new players and Civ veterans into the game. Guided by a set of trusted advisers who will explain game functionality and provide counsel for significant decisions, even first-time players will be confident in the choices they make.
  • Huge Battles: Combat is more exciting and engaging than ever before. Wars between empires feel massive with armies spreading across the landscape. The addition of ranged bombardment allows players to fire weapons from behind the front lines, challenging players to develop clever new strategies to guarantee victory on the battlefield.
  • Live History:  Write your own epic story each time you play! Choose one of eighteen historical civilizations to lead from the stone-age to the space age on your quest to build the world’s most powerful empire.
  • Improved Diplomacy: Negotiate with some of history’s most cunning rulers, each with a well-crafted plan for victory. Successful diplomacy will depend on players carefully managing relationships with other leaders, trading items and land, plying them with gold, and deciding if they are friend or foe. City States will present a new diplomatic battleground on which the major powers of the world will vie for supremacy.
  • In-Game Community Hub: Compete with Civ players from all over the globe via the Internet and Play by Email, or compete locally in Hotseat and LAN matches, offering endless ways to rule the world. The game itself now serves as the hub of community activity, featuring the ability to share scenarios, compare scores, brag about achievements and visit one of the thriving Civ fansites without leaving the game. It’s now easier than ever for players to become involved in the global Civ Community.
  • Modability: With unprecedented modding tools, players will have unlimited options for modifying Civilization V any way they like.

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