Heroes in the Sky

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Gamescampus.com
Release Date: Summer 2010

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'Heroes In The Sky' Content Update Adds Raid Mode

by Rainier on Dec. 9, 2010 @ 12:00 a.m. PST

Heroes in the Sky is an intense airborne MMOTPS that combines high impact PVE and fast paced PVP as it chronicles the events from the beginning to the end of World War II.

PVP combat is taken to a new level as players must not only worry about the basic dangers from the front, behind, and sides, but also from above and below. Heroes in the Sky is dog fighting at its finest; cannon fires, machine gun blasts, missiles, and bombs flood the skies as up to 16 players shoot it out for air superiority! If that isn't enough, players will soar across the sky with WWII war planes, and if they're lucky with modern planes too! Cities to bomb, boats to sink, blimps to burst, and fighters to be torn asunder - all this and more unfold as players compete to become the top Ace in Heroes in the Sky.

The upcoming free-to-play game will feature fast paced aerial combat that embodies the intense danger akin to WWII dogfights. In Occupational War Game Mode, players will recreate critical battles of the European and Pacific front complete with WWII and modern planes to help their side take control as they experience epic battles across the history of WWII from both sides! Players will find an easy-to-use upgrade system to help tweak planes and become the ultimate airborne marauder along with additional modifications that will allow players to, not only jam the electronics of their opponent, but also let them keep their own engines cool during boosts. Additionally, players can use Avatars to mask their actual aircraft while gaining additional bonuses and appearing in some of history's most famous aircraft.

Heroes in the Sky will give players a chance to relive history as they fly dozens of planes from WWII- both experimental and battle hardened - that can be customized to meet their own creative standards.

The new Raid Mode will feature furiously fast-paced battle plus a chance to win great prizes at the end of a "raid."

The latest feature to launch in Heroes in the Sky will take players to an alternate reality where Super Nazi's, a villainous faction unlike anything players have ever seen before, rein supreme. The all-new Raid Mode will pit 16 players up against the mightiest of foes and have them battling at break-neck speed with well armed boats and planes, travel through unyielding canyon areas and end it all against a titanic boss!

"Raid Mode will take players by storm with some of the fastest and most intense battles available in third person shooters today," said Uyen Uyen Ton Nu, head of Marketing for GamesCampus. "Not only are we thrilled to bring this new update to our community of players, but we think they are going to really like the series of fantastic prizes that go along with the Raid."

Raid Mode is more than just combat! In addition to all the furious battle, at the end of the "Raid" a series of fantastic prizes will be presented to the entire party. Players will have a shot at rolling for anything they want - with the highest roll winning -- including veteran gear, veteran upgrades, weaponry and more. Players must make their win count as they may only raid a complete run once every five days per character!


  • Fast paced aerial combat that embodies the intense danger akin to WWII dogfights; danger looms from all feasible directions.
  • PVP that pits up to 16 players against one another in sky combat that is above and beyond anything people have experienced before.
  • Recreate critical battles of the European and Pacific fronts with WWII and modern planes to help your side take control in the Occupational War Game Mode.
  • Experience epic battles across the history of WWII from either the side of the Axis or the Allies.
  • An easy to use upgrade system exists to help tweak your plane to become the ultimate airborne marauder.
  • Additional modifications to your plane allow you to not only jam the electronics of your opponent but also allow you to keep your own engines cooler during boosts.
  • Relive history as you fly dozens of different planes from WWII both experimental and battle hardened. Command your favorite planes and upgrade it to meet your creative standards.
  • Use Avatars to mask your actual aircraft while gaining additional bonuses and appearing as some of history‚Äôs most famous aircraft!

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