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A Space Shooter for Two Bucks!

Platform(s): PSP
Genre: Action
Developer: Frima Studio
Release Date: Dec. 21, 2010

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'A Space Shooter for Two Bucks!' (PSP) Announced, Coming Soon - Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 9, 2010 @ 2:24 p.m. PST

In A Space Shooter for Two Bucks! you take control of Commander P. Jefferson and go on an intergalactic shooting spree, hopping from galaxy to galaxy in your attempts to wipe out hordes of swarming alien baddies.

Since time immemorial, through eons of time and dozens of game consoles, one thing has remained true: humans love hopping into a spaceship to shoot up hordes of alien invaders! With over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek humor from the game’s wide cast of colorful characters (all of which are fully voiced-over) and loads of bodacious power-ups to ensure your ship has a fighting chance against the sea of enemy ships and bullets, A Space Shooter for Two Bucks! gives gamers everything they could ask for in a space shooter!

“A Space Shooter for Two Bucks! continues to show that we’re committed to the platform, and when you have a team capable of creating such gems as this, it’s easy to see why,” said Steve Couture, CEO of Frima Studio. “We’re proud to lead the way in developing fun, accessible and memorable titles for our fans around the world and can’t wait for everyone to have as much fun playing A Space Shooter for Two Bucks! as we did developing it.”

A Space Shooter for Two Bucks! features everything you’d expect: swarms of enemies filling the screens with hazardous bullets and missiles, heaps of upgrades for your ship and its arsenal, high-paced and constant action requiring deft reflexes, and hordes of alien baddies just waiting to be blown up by your superior space-faring skills.

A Space Shooter for Two Bucks! also contains some truly colorful characters that you’ll get to meet during gameplay and cutscenes. You’ll wipe the galaxy clean of nefarious extra-terrestrials by taking control of Commander P. Jefferson, a truly patriotic earthling who has vowed from an early age to keep the human race number one in the universe, where it belongs! His xenophobic quest is assisted by Edgar, his ship’s somewhat persnickety artificial intelligence (AI) that guides Jefferson to various galaxies and provides helpful information, but always with plenty of snobby sarcasm piled on his replies.

A Space Shooter for Two Bucks! features a complete soundtrack of full voiceovers for Jefferson, Edgar and all the rest of the characters you’ll encounter throughout your journey, both good and evil.

A Space Shooter for Two Bucks!, rated T for Teen f, will be available for $1.99, and for the first time ever, it will be launching on PlayStation Plus the same exact day absolutely free!

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