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Dark Age Of Camelot

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Vivendi
Developer: Mythic Entertainment
Release Date: Oct. 10, 2001 (US), Feb. 1, 2002 (EU)

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'Dark Age of Camelot' Euro Publishing Picked Up By Mythic

by Rainier on Feb. 11, 2010 @ 8:33 a.m. PST

Dark Age of Camelot is an MMORPG featuring Realm vs. Realm combat, as well as multiple class and race combinations, a robust trade skill system, and a comprehensive player Guild system.

Last month GOA decided to no longer publish DAoC in Europe, with Mythic now picking up the slack.

Dark Age of Camelot is a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game featuring Realm vs. Realm combat, Mythic's unique take on Player vs. Player action. Set in a world based on the mythologies of Viking-era Scandinavia, ancient Ireland, and Arthurian Britain, the once-peaceful Realms have been in constant conflict since the death of King Arthur. Players embark on epic quests, fight terrifying monsters, form guilds and eventually gain enough power to defend their homeland from other invading Realms. After nine years, seven gameplay expansions and over a million players, Dark Age of Camelot has proven to be an enduring success.

Mythic will assume the rights from GOA, a division of France Telecom. Dark Age of Camelot remains one of the most popular MMORPGs in the genre's history and is heralded for introducing the renowned Realm vs. Realm gameplay experience.

"We're excited to bring the strength and support of Mythic's North American operations to Dark Age of Camelot in Europe," said Jeff Hickman, Executive Producer of Mythic Entertainment. "Mythic is committed to providing the best level of service possible to European players and to maintaining a quality RvR experience. We can't wait to meet current and returning Camelot players out in the Frontiers!"

Mythic Entertainment plans to assume operational responsibility for Dark Age of Camelot European players beginning February 17, 2010. All characters and account information will be migrated to Mythic servers and be available to present and past players. Current paying European subscribers will be fully updated to the latest North American version of the game. In addition, current European subscribers will receive one month of free gameplay beginning February 17.

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