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Darkworks' TriOviz for Games SDK Enables 3D Games On 2D Displays

by Rainier on March 11, 2010 @ 11:06 a.m. PST

Darkworks, known for Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare and Cold Fear, announced its TriOviz for Games SDK, a patent-pending post-process that enables 3D games on consoles and regular 2D displays.

Developed by Darkworks, the TriOviz for Games SDK leverages existing three dimensional graphics information to greatly enhance the depth-of-field; as well as volume and position of geometry and characters within a scene. This negates the need for rendering multiple images so TriOviz for Games does not require intensive computing power – the resolution, performance and game play integrity are maintained.

As a post-process, Darkworks’ SDK easily integrates into the production pipeline, supporting both popular and proprietary game engines; requiring as little as a couple of days or a week to integrate, depending on the implementation.

“Darkworks is enthusiastic to bring a truly innovative technology to top game developers and publishers in order to make the 3D experience a reality today for even the most technologically demanding console titles. Always boundary-pushing, video games will lead the entire entertainment industry in the 3D era,” said Guillaume Gourand, co-founder and managing director of Darkworks. “Consoles already broadcast 3D interactive content in real-time and their interactivity – by nature – empowers game developers to make a more immersive experience than is possible in movies”

Previously a technology only available to Blu-Ray® & DVD video publishing, TriOviz processing utilizes innovative yet inexpensive glasses that render 3D entertainment with beautiful, true colors and sharp images. Unlike the red-and-blue anaglyph of the past, TriOviz for Games maintains the content’s art direction and images can be seen in 2D without glasses. Games can be enjoyed by everyone in the room with or without glasses seamlessly.

Key Features of TriOviz for Games

  • First and Only 3D Software SDK for AAA Console Games: TriOviz for Games works on Xbox 360™, PlayStation®3 and PC, delivering an immersive 3D experience to the most demanding games while maintaining performance, game play and content integrity.
  • 3D Experience on 2D TVs; No Additional Equipment Required: Consumers can enjoy 3D games on their existing HDTV or even SD televisions without having to purchase additional hardware.
  • Low-Impact Integration for High-Impact Return: TriOviz for Games supports both popular and proprietary game engines, resulting in minimal man-hours to deploy or hit to performance, while maintaining the original creative vision.

“The success of films like Avatar and buzz over 3D devices at CES illustrates that audiences are ready to embrace 3D for their entertainment,” stated Gourand. “We believe we can offer a quality, rich experience that honors the creators’ vision and is hassle-free for the end users as they explore the emerging in-home 3D trend.”

The first game implementing the Darkworks 3D technology is already announced, with future titles to follow Spring 2010.

Darkworks will be giving demonstrations of TriOviz technology by appointment during the Game Developers Conference and Expo, Moscone Convention Center, March 11-13, 2010 in Meeting Room #BMR 341.

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