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SouthPeak Games and Nobilis Signs UK Distribution Deal

by Rainier on March 11, 2010 @ 12:43 p.m. PST

SouthPeak Interactive and Nobilis announced that after the success of My Baby 2: My Baby Grew Up, they have signed a new deal to bring a range of titles to NDS and Wii in 2010 that cater for a wide variety of UK gamers.

First up is Famous for Nintendo DS, which gives aspiring superstars the chance to live the pop dream by starting their own band and touring the world. Following Famous will be four titles including frantic food action with Fast Food Panic, gossiping girls in Secret Flirts, epic fantasy warfare in Spectral Force Genesis and medical mayhem in Hospital Giant.

“The Nobilis line-up further strengthens our Wii and Nintendo DS release schedule for 2010,” said Jonathan Hales, MD EMEAA, SouthPeak Games. “These products are suitable for a wide range of gamers, from cooking fans looking for their next course, to hardcore strategists who want to sink their teeth into Spectral Force Genesis.”


Forget the X-factor, you’ve got to have the Famous factor to really make it big as a global pop superstar. Famous for Nintendo DS gives you the once in a lifetime opportunity to follow your dream and become a world famous celeb! You start out on your quest for fame by learning how to sing and dance before choosing your own fashion style and selecting a name for your new mega band. Then set out on the road to play at huge concerts, sign autographs for your adoring fans and even create your own pop video. Famous is the perfect game for anyone who dreams of taking the lead role in a top band.

Fast Food Panic

Have you got what it takes to run the best restaurant in town? Fast Food Panic for Nintendo DS and Wii features plenty of frantic food action that ensures cooking fans come back for another course. Work against the clock to keep a constant stream of picky customers happy... greet people as they come in, clean the dishes, check the bill and, most importantly, cook some really scrumptious meals. There are plenty of different dishes and tasty treats, including burgers, pizzas, pasta and more! Plus, watch out for super stressed-out VIP customers who will complain at the slightest problem with their food.

Spectral Force Genesis

A unique mix of three genres (real-time strategy, RPG and simulation) that offer an experience like nothing else on Nintendo DS. Control huge armies on the battlefield in real-time and conquer your foes. Command powerful heroes and level up their abilities to increase the strength of your mighty force. Have you got what it takes to become a legendary general?

Hospital Giant

An endless stream of poorly patients, consultations coming in thick and fast, visitors in reception complaining about waiting times… running a hospital is hard work. In Hospital Giant you must cure patients in a series of fun but challenging mini-games, ranging from diagnosing people by listening to their symptoms to performing delicate operations. It’s all just a day in the life of running a hospital.

Secret Flirts

It’s time to become the most popular girl in school. Learn how to flirt with boys, create your own sassy style and listen to your best friend’s advice on fashion or make-up. Then put your lessons to the test by chatting to a variety of different boys, from the athletic jock to the nerdy bookworm. Can you find your Prince Charming?

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