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Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt

Platform(s): PC, Wii, Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Release Date: June 2010

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'Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt' (ALL) Narrows Down Release Date

by Rainier on March 24, 2010 @ 8:17 a.m. PDT

The Hunt aims to deliver the most realistic hunting experiences to-date, combining detailed environments and engaging gameplay with highly interactive rifle controllers (Wii only).

Fun for both hunters and gamers, Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt features both realistic, deep single player hunting simulation gameplay and fast-paced, arcade mini games. Nintendo users will also enjoy an exclusive firearm peripheral, the Hunting Controller, which rests against the shoulder like a rifle and allows for more accurate shooting.

"Last year's great response to Bass Pro Shops: The Strike proved that developing the software and peripheral simultaneously is a solid strategy," said Chip Pederson, director of gaming at Psyclone Games. "We listened to the enthusiastic consumer feedback on our first title, so in addition to offering realistic single player gameplay in Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt, we've added dangerous encounters, more arcade mini-games, multiplayer and have plans for DLC."

Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt features three game modes: Quick Hunt, Career Mode, and the Bass Pro Shops Continental Classic Hunting Championship as well as five mini-games (Duck Hunt, Target Range shooting, ATV Racing, Blind Fire, and Forest Frenzy).

In Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt, players will explore ten diverse North American hunting locations. Each map features unique animals, dangerous animal encounters, randomized animal spawn points and mini-games. Players will be able to take down their prey using a variety of different firearms including bolt-action rifles, shotguns, pistols, and bows. There are 24 animals in Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt including deer, moose, alligators, bears, raccoons and more. As they stalk their prey, players use Bass Pro Shops gear and equipment such as GPS, calls, scents and more.

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