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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: True Games Interactive
Developer: Petroglyph
Release Date: Q2 2011

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'Mytheon' Details Its Stone Merge System - Screens

by Rainier on March 30, 2010 @ 4:38 a.m. PDT

Mytheon is an online micro transaction game that uniquely combines the best elements of action, strategy and RPG game-play with a heavy emphasis on collectability and combat, set within a fantasy universe steeped in unique mythologies from across the globe.

Mytheon is an online micro transaction game that uniquely combines the best elements of action, strategy and RPG game-play with a heavy emphasis on collectability and combat. This visually stunning title is set within a fantasy universe steeped in unique mythologies from across the globe. Players will first embark on a rousing journey through the extensive lore of ancient Greece; with ongoing expansions to follow that will delve into exotic mythologies from the far-flung corners of history. With real-time combat and extensive customization features, Mytheon will offer infinite replayability through group, PVP and solo play as well as an integrated social networking feature set.

Using some of the best and most familiar mechanics from traditional collectible card games, players will earn, buy, trade and collect stones they can assemble similar to deck-building among a thriving online community. Several compelling features have been added to create fast, visually stunning 3D combat sequences with a deep layer of strategy beneath it. In the game, players will collect and customize a vast assortment of "Power Stones" which are used to conjure devastating spells and summon faithful minions in climactic battles against monsters and other players. Mytheon will offer three distinct character classes, each specializing in a specific "Power Stone" type, such as summoning or healing.

Players or “Stonecasters” can combine one of six different sets of stones that, when paired together, create a “super weapon.” Below are details on three of the unique sets that can be created in the game, including the Warcaster’s Avatar of Nemesis, the Elementalist’s Ritual of Elemental Fury and the Eidolon’s Avatar of Gaia.

“The power stone system in Mytheon is already a unique gameplay feature, but the merge system adds an all-new element with its power to create “super weapons,” said Peter Cesario, Director of New Business and Product Development at True Games Interactive. Added Randy King of Petroglyph, “Players will appreciate the collectible nature of the stone sets, along with the incredible abilities that these stone sets will give them when they transform into spells, structures and minions.”

Warcaster merge set - Avatar Of Nemesis

By casting the triad of Nemesis Stones, Warcasters can summon to their side the menacing Avatar of Nemesis. The avatar consists of three Nemesis Stones that burn with power and rage: the Wrath, Shrine, and Champion of Nemesis. Donning a shroud imbued with the earthly element of fire, the Avatar of Nemesis directs its vengeance upon the vile and hate-filled creatures who dare to attack mankind.

All three Nemesis Stones aid in the heat of battle, but only the Avatar of Nemesis grants the god's true power to Warcasters. Its quick counterattacks and deadly arrows against the minions of the gods can assist mortal warriors in gaining the upper hand. Blazing strikes leveled at the avatar are immediately deflected from its form and are fired back upon the attacker. Tapping into divine powers to pinpoint foes hidden among the brush and ruins on the battlefield, the Avatar of Nemesis dispatches flaming arrows that explode on contact, leaving enemy battalions in disarray.

Elementalist merge set - Ritual Of Elemental Fury

The four elements of nature create a potent, fantastical effect when cast together by Elementalists. Power Stones possessing the essences of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water use these principal aspects to deal tremendous and spectacular destruction. Calling upon these elements taps directly into the raw, primal forces of the universe. Elementalists were gifted these wondrous elements so they may restore harmony to this war-town world and free humanity from the gods’ destructive whims.

When an Elementalist casts the four elemental stones to perform the Ritual of Elemental Fury, a massive storm of nature’s forces is unleashed. Winds tear down from the skies and rain down ranged attacks that sharply diminish the attack power of opponents. The trembling earth stuns all grounded foes, leaving them frozen in place for a time. The element of fire dispels any beneficial enchantments enjoyed by enemies, and foes’ movement is severely hindered as their limbs and muscles begin to feel as though icy waters were coursing through their veins.

Eidolon merge set - Avatar Of Gaia

The goddess Gaia is the primal personification of Earth, and three unique aspects form her nature. Individually, the Courage, Rage, and Will of Gaia Power Stones cast by the Eidolon summon spectacular allies to the battlefield. Siding with mankind, she has gifted her aspects willingly to the Fates so that mortal Stonecasters may reign victorious in their battles.

Wearing a leathery tunic and plated guards of petrified oak strong enough to deflect most mortal weapons, the Avatar of Gaia is protected from even virulent attacks. She faces down the loathsome monsters of the gods with unparalleled resilience and fortitude. She emits an aura of destruction that cascades upon foes and dispels all undead adversaries and spirits. A powerful combination of Power Stones, the Avatar of Gaia can quickly clear the field of enemy onslaughts.

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