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Steel Panthers: World War 2 - WinSPWW2

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Shrapnel Games
Developer: The Camo Workshop
Release Date: May 15, 2006

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'Steel Panthers: World War 2 - WinSPWW2' - v4.25 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on April 20, 2010 @ 12:55 a.m. PDT

WinSPWW2 features true combined arms warfare from 1930 through 1946, an era that saw the theories of J.F.C. Fuller and Giulio Douhet put to the test as the world burned.

Get the WinSPWW2 v4.25 off WP (2mb)

The latest improvement comes by way of a mini-upgrade patch. Bringing both the free and Enhanced versions of winSPWW2 to version 4.25 the patch, as the name implies, is not the typical full blown patch yet it still brings all kind of awesome to your game. Feast your eyes on the contents of the version 4.25 mini-upgrade patch:

4 revised scenarios and 2 revised scenario text files 10 new or revised photos 1 new icon 36 updated OOB fles 2 revised graphic files

  • Reworked code to correct erroneous error messages appearing when playing basic security PBEM. This was the primary raison d'ĂȘtre for the patch, the rest is gravy. Sweet, thick, gooey game changing gravy.
  • Various OOB corrections that include:
    • Nimbus MC added to the Blue OOB.
    • M24 Chafee front turret armor set to 4 in all OOBs.
    • Russian 152mm artillery reorganized with corrected photos, stats.
    • Boyes AT rifles range increased to 13 to give them more correct penetrations at various ranges.
    • Bazooka and panzerschreck accuracy reduced to 4 and now match accuracy values in winSPMBT and better reflect their actual performance.
  • Further corrections to ensure all units and weapons of the same type have the same ratings from OOB to OOB.
  • New infantry flame graphics added.

If you are currently involved in a secure PBEM game DO NOT upgrade your game as the game will fail if applied. Both parties should wait until the game is over and then upgrade.

All upgrades must be applied in order so if you're reading this release and thinking to yourself that 4.25 sounds a lot higher than the version you're currently playing be sure to grab your missing patches from lowest to highest.

winSPWW2 is a fully upgraded and upgunned modification of the SSI classic Steel Panthers series. Developed by Camo Workshop (whose history stretches back over a decade) and published by Shrapnel games, winSPWW2 is the classic tactical wargamer's dream title.

Featuring combined arms warfare from 1930 until 1946, the game literally boasts hundreds of scenarios to keep the armchair tank commander occupied for a very, very long time (and with the ability to create your own scenarios add another very to that last part). In fact, with the latest added scenarios the count is now over 400 scenarios. Even if you only play one scenario a week it would take you nearly eight years to play them all! For gamers looking to experience sturm und drang without the need for tabletop space or tackleboxes filled with counters, winSPWW2 fits the bill nicely, whether playing against the computer or a human opponent.

winSPWW2 is available either as a FREE download or purchasable as an Enhanced Edition (which itself is available as a download or a physical CD). Wait, if there's a free version why pay for play? Well, it's not called Enhanced because it responded to those spam emails everyone gets. The Enhanced Edition offers players more options for secure tournament play, more robust map editing, higher resolutions, and more. Check out what the Enhanced Edition provides on the same page where you find the upgrade patch.

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