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'WarBirds' And 'Fighter Ace' Join Forces

by Rainier on April 28, 2010 @ 12:32 a.m. PDT

WarBirds developer Thriller New Media announced that it agreed with Fighter Ace developer Ketsujin to combine their two communities to make a stronger WWII online flying community for all players, adding features, territories and strategic system.

Fighter Ace has been a successful online combat flying game for 13 years. The CEO’s of both Thriller and Ketsujin have been friendly competitors during that entire period. The CEOs decided that working together was the best way to have a strong and successful online flying community for all.

Fighter Ace will operate its online servers until1 August 2010. During that period, Fighter Ace players will have the opportunity to fly FREE for 60 days in WarBirds to become familiar with the differences between the Fighter Ace simulation and the WarBirds simulation.

WarBirds developers will be adding some of the most popular features of Fighter Ace to WarBirds. One of the first additions will be to allow the Fighter Ace Japanese players to text chat each other in game using Japanese characters.

WarBirds is also working on a new graphics rendering system that will allow new game territories and plans to add some of the favorite combat terrains from Fighter Ace. Other Fighter Ace features including a new strategic system will be added over the next six months.

All Fighter Ace players can get a FREE 60 Day account by going to the Fighter Ace website and click on the WarBirds banner. Players can also sign up by going to the WarBirds home page.

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