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Russian Syncopate Aiming For Chinese/Korean Games

by Rainier on April 5, 2010 @ 8:15 a.m. PDT

Moscow-based Syncopate, specialized in online-game publishing, announced the start of its activities, and plans to source games from Chinese/Korean developers, and release them in Russia, CIS and European countries, as well as considering the possibility of publishing some Russian browser MMORPG games in China and Korea.

The founders of Syncopate, Oleg Sambikin and Ilya Verigin, are well-known entrepreneurs in the Russian online entertainment industry. Last year they withdrew from the partnership in Innova Systems, the largest Russian publisher of online games, of which they were also co-founders.

The partners of Syncopate estimate the initial investment in the new project at the level of $20 million. The part of the funds will be invested by the founders and the rest of funds will be raised from outside investors. Both Russian and Asian companies are regarded as potential investors.

According to Oleg Sambikin, the chairman of the board of directors of Syncopate, the company targets to release from 5 to 10 new games annually. Russia, CIS and European countries as well as Turkey are considered as the most promising markets. The portfolio of Syncopate will consist of online games for the widest range of users - from professional gamers to casual players, who play from time to time.

At the core of Syncopates publishing strategy is an innovative online game platform - GameNet. The new platform will link up the games, published under the same brand, expand their content and unite the players in one big community. Over the next 3 years Syncopate plans to take 30% share of MMORPG market in Russia and CIS, as well as to win a share of the European market.

Today investors demonstrate growing interest in online games market, but the opacity of the industry and the lack of professional expertise prevent them from taking active steps. As a result, many promising products, including South Korean and Chinese online games, are still undervalued. Having a unique knowledge of Asian online games market, the Syncopate founders intend to develop the new service - evaluation of investment attractiveness of Russian and international projects. In addition, Syncopate plans to provide financial assistance to Asian games developers and start-up studios, as well as to consider the possibility of their acquisition.

Syncopate plans to start commercial use of its publishing infrastructure by August 2010, and to launch GameNet platform by January 2011.

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