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Artix Entertainment Surpasses The 100 Million User Mark

by Rainier on April 9, 2010 @ 9:08 a.m. PDT

Independent Free-to-Play game developer Artix Entertainment announced it reached the 100-million-player milestone. The huge player base is based on the popularity of two F2P MMOs (AdventureQuest Worlds and EpicDuel) and three F2P RPG games:  DragonFable, MechQuest, and AdventureQuest.

Founded in 2002, Artix Entertainment has averaged 35,000 new players every day for the past eight years.  

“When Artix founder and CEO Adam Bohn was creating our first game, AdventureQuest, he just wanted 100 players to try out the game so he could say 'I made a real game!'.  He never was very good at math,” said Dan Vasile, Business Development Manager.

There is not a single attribute that is solely responsible for the overall success of Artix Entertainment; a combination of various elements is the driving force behind such high numbers, from weekly releases in all of the games to player-inspired content and modifications. Artix understands that gamers want to play a game that they can relate to… a game that they would create themselves… and Artix delivers this in the form of browser-based video games.

AdventureQuest started it all in 2002, introducing a Flash-based download-free Fantasy adventure through the magical world of Lore. As the fan base grew, so did the company. A few short years later, another RPG was created: DragonFable. Unlike its crazed monster-and-goblin-slaying brother, DragonFable honed in on more humorous aspects of Fantasy RPGs, allowing players and developers alike to make a game fun (and funny) for all age groups.

A year after DragonFable’s launch, the mecha-inspired RPG MechQuest was created. Fans of Artix were thrilled that their sci-fi and fantasy addictions could be cured with a single click of the mouse, allowing them to freely journey until their hearts’ content (or until they lost internet connection!).

Up until 2008, Artix was well-known for its web-based single player games. One day on the Battleon Forums, a group of players were convinced that a Flash-based MMOROG was impossible. Six months later, the AdventureQuest Worlds Beta was launched and now has over 13 million users.  In 2009, Artix expanded its line-up by acquiring the MMO EpicDuel which was an instant hit with players.

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