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Puzzle Quest 2

Platform(s): Nintendo DS, PC, PSP, Xbox 360
Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Developer: Infinite Interactive

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'Puzzle Quest 2' (ALL) Details Spells - New Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on May 28, 2010 @ 3:32 a.m. PDT

Puzzle Quest 2 features a blend of match-3 gem matching and fantasy, with a simple but meaningful role playing experience, using all-new weapons, spells, and shields that make every decision meaningful and never passive in the deepest puzzle adventure yet.

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Puzzle Quest 2 combines its trademark style with an enhanced real-time experience using all-new weapons, spells, and shields that make every decision meaningful and never passive in the deepest puzzle adventure yet.

Puzzle Quest 2 features its hallmark blend of match-3 gem matching and fantasy, with a simple but meaningful role playing experience where players can choose any of four character classes; War Mage, Inquisitor, Barbarian or Assassin. Each character class provides interesting twists during multiple play-throughs as players reclaim the once peaceful village of Verloren from the evil clutch of the demon Gorgon. Players will be able to level up each character to progress through the adventure in Story Mode or even dive into Instant Action, Tournament Mode, or Mutliplayer Mode for a rich and diverse experience. With the entire Puzzle Quest world accessible on your fingertips in real-time action, players will be able to get a more streamlined experience for instant gratification.


Spells are an important part of the Puzzle Quest experience.  For those unfamiliar with the Puzzle Quest 2 battle system, spells give the player the power to manipulate the puzzle board in many ways, and just as they would in a traditional RPG, they empower the player to launch deadlier attacks, take less damage, and take multiple turns.  It’s pretty simple, develop the right strategy with spells, and you’ll control the puzzle board.  When you control the board, you control the battle – and when you control the battle, you win.

Between the four characters classes and the in-game enemies, there are more than 150 spells in the game, and each class (Barbarian, Sorcerer, Assassin, and Templar) has a unique book of roughly 17 spells.  Each class has primary spells that will help you control the puzzle board. Here’s a quick look at some key spells for each class.


Key Spells: Stealth, Strike Spells

The Assassin’s key spell is Stealth, it creates a shield where the player’s purple mana absorbs damage and lasts as long as the player has purple mana. Players can keep their purple mana supply well stocked by launching a series of four strike spells, each of which turn other mana gems to purple and do a point of damage for each gem turned.  These strike spells do double damage when stealth is active, so always try to make sure Stealth is active before casting these spells.  Players who effectively cast stealth early in battle and use a steady stream of strike spells, are lethal to say the least.


Key Spells: Barrier, Fist of Light

Equipped with a number of defensive spells, the Templar’s attacks are more melee-weapon driven, so it’s important to have a fair supply of Action Points to power your melee attacks.  “Barrier” turns all Action gems to green mana gems, but gives the player 1 action point for every two gems converted.  “Fist of Light” is a spell which converts all yellow gems to action gems.  Timing these spells effectively can change the tide of the puzzle board, and the added action points will give you the needed edge to smite your enemies.


Key Spells: Enrage, Red Mana Spells

Let’s face it; Barbarians are not the sophisticated, magic-user types.  But even they have some spells which can augment the traditional melee-weapon attack style that best suits this character class.  The “Enrage” spell places 14 additional red mana gems on the board.  Launch this spell and follow up with “Tribal Mark” which adds +1 skull damage for every four red gems destroyed.  This damage bonus lasts until the end of the battle, making your skull attacks all the more the lethal.  Another spell powered by red mana is the “Backswing”, which adds 50% damage to your next weapon attack and doesn’t end your turn.  The Barbarian’s most powerful (level 50) spell, Bezerk Rage, converts red gems to skulls, and when used with Enrage proves to be a very deadly combo.


Key Spells: Hand of Ice, Mage Strike, Ice Shield

The Sorcerer has many powerful upper level spells, and can manipulate the board in several ways.  However, the “Hand of Ice” spell converts Gauntlet Gems into blue mana gems, and both “Mage Strike” and “Ice Shield” are more effective when the user has a larger reservoir of blue mana.  The “Mage Strike” spell does an additional point of damage for every 3 blue mana the player has, and “Ice Shield” absorbs damage and subtracts the player’s blue mana instead of their health points.

Wait – there’s more!

Aside from the new spells that you earn as you gain levels, there are other spells out there waiting to be learned.  Non-player characters you’ll meet along the way will offer you side quests, and others will simply offer you to teach you a spell, if you can solve a special puzzle.  Look for characters with the silver question marks above their head, as these “side quest” characters are usually the ones offering new spells as rewards

In the tradition of the original Puzzle Quest – Puzzle Quest 2 combines an easy-to-play match-3-based puzzle system with the a compelling fantasy adventure and strategic turn-based combat found at the heart of all great role-playing games.

Puzzle Quest 2 further intensifies the puzzle-RPG blend as action points are awarded for deeper combat experience.  Exploration of the dungeon-crawling variety also brings with it new puzzling mini-games when finding loot, discovering and disarming traps, breaking down doors, picking locks, and more.

Level your hero, learn new spells, acquire new deadlier weapons, better armor, and put your puzzle skills to the ultimate test against more dangerous foes as you descend deeper and deeper into this dungeon.  What lies in wait? It is said “No Daemon sleeps forever...”

Puzzle Quest 2 is rated “E10+” by the ESRB,

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