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A Stroke of Fate: Operation Valkyrie

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Akella
Developer: SPLine
Release Date: Oct. 28, 2011

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'A Stroke of Fate' Details Its Cars - Screens

by Rainier on June 11, 2010 @ 12:00 a.m. PDT

A Stroke of Fate is an interactive adventure/detective story framed in authentic surroundings of the fascist Germany in the 1940s. A gamer has a unique opportunity - to conduct a compelling investigation of the most mysterious secret veiled by the 20th century - Adolf Hitler's preterm death.

If you had the chance to change history would you? Could you?

In Germany hurtling towards the global catastrophe in the second world war, you step into the murky arena of international espionage as you try to alter the course of history and try and achieve what so many failed: the assassination of Adolf Hitler.

As a special agent trained in the latest sabotage techniques you have to infiltrate Hitler's inner circle and avoid the ever-watchful eyes of the ever-dangerous Gestapo. And they will be watching you, they always are...

A Stroke of Fate transports you into the world of the 1940s, mixing with the most hated figures in European history; Himmler, Goebbels, Muller and Hitler himself. While you are there though, do you have what it takes to achieve the impossible task that eluded so many others, the final solution to the Hitler problem?

In "A Stroke of Fate" there are very many unique features, characteristic to the period of time the events of the game take place. The fashion, the interiors, the manners of people – it's all there. The developers had analyzed a lot of archive documents and tried to make the game as historically credible as possible. Among the features of the old times are, of course, the cars – very important attributes of the wartime.

Well… if you happen to have a driver's license, don't forget to take it with you to "A Stroke of Fate". You will find it very useful, since you will be coming across many cars, such as:

Opel Admiral. This car was not very popular at its time. It had every chance to become a real hit, but not with the beginning of World War II. At those times there was great need in powerful trucks for transporting men, supplies etc. – demand for flashy passenger cars was much lower. This was the reason why the powerful engine of Opel Admiral was moved to the truck Opel Blitz (we will talk about it in more detail a bit later). Yet, in "A Stroke of Fate" we will spend a lot of time in Meier's Opel Admiral. This is the top model of the Opel brand, 4-door limousine with 75-hp engine – a car well suited for a Standartenführer. This car will serve its master well, taking him to the most remote corners of Berlin with important missions, but at times Meier, too, will have to help out his "iron horse" – with gas, for example. In the later months of war, the shortage of gasoline was a real problem. Gasoline was so expensive, that it was seriously considered to make even trucks gas-powered.

(A new Opel Admiral in 1938 was priced at 7000 Reichsmarks)

Volkswagen Beetle. As opposed to Opel Admiral, this car earned an army of fans, true to the brand even to these days! It is known that Fuhrer himself issued an order within the bounds of the German motorization program to develop a car, capable of transporting two adults and three children and making 100 km/h. Volkswagen was indeed the people's car, just as its name implies.

The first model was named VW30, but it went under the name of "Beetle" everywhere, so the model was eventually renamed. In "A Stroke of Fate" Volkswagen Beetle is seen for a reason – it is not just a car, but also a true symbol of the era. Despite the fact that the protagonist doesn't drive the "Beetle", the car still plays an important role in the entourage of the game.

A new Volkswagen Beetle in 1938 was priced at 1000 Reichsmarks

Opel Blitz. In the years of World War 2 this car occupied the niche of trucks. Probably, it was the most popular and widespread truck. As the war began, it inherited the powerful 75-hp engine meant for Opel Admiral. In the game, this truck is mainly used for the transportation of soldiers – just as one would expect a truck to do. It is interesting to note that the symbol designed specifically for this car (a lightning) became later a logo of the Opel brand.

Key features:

  • Compelling pseudo-historical plot;
  • Ingenious brainteasers and quests to reflect German peculiarities of the 1940s;
  • Realistic graphics;
  • Authentic places and historically derived personalities: Muller, Goebbels, and Hitler;
  • You can walk along the Secret Police building and Hitler’s private study

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