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Pole Position 2010

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Kalypso Media
Release Date: April 2010

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'Pole Position 2010' v1.20 Patches Available NOW

by Rainier on June 11, 2010 @ 9:01 p.m. PDT

Pole Position 2010 will test your tactical mind and managerial skills to the limit as you head up your very own racing team. Whether you choose to take over an existing crew or establish a brand new team, you will be tasked with negotiating with drivers, suppliers and sponsors as well as participating in research and development of cutting-edge technology.

Get the Pole Position 2010 [PC] v1.20 Patches off WP (9mb)

- RESEARCH: Adjusted research cost.
- RACES: Added keyboard shortcuts for game speed controls (keys 1,2,3,4).
- RACES: Pit stop strategy allows only max race length.
- RACES: Wet and dry tyres have a larger impact on the race.
- RACES: Increased wing settings impact.
- RACES: Increased impact of braking power and weight shift.
- RACES: Increased impact of suspension and wheel camber.
- RACES: Feedback icon added: "Uneasy handling". Caused by wrong tyre pressure, camber, weight shift, suspension.
- RACES: Feedback icon added: Average corner speed.
- RACES: Added driver feedback for training/qualifying/races.
- RACES: Increased first lap speeds.
- RACES: Decreased top speeds in city courses.
- BUG: Pit stop times display format corrected.
- BUG: Corrected missing data from history.
- BUG: Corrected tachometer.
- BUG: Fixed unexplainable car breakdowns.
- BUG: Fixed unrealistic top speeds.
- BUG: Fixed issue with engine rules for season changes.
- BUG: Fixed issue with front wing rules for season changes.
- BUG: Min/max component requirements corrected.
- BUG: Corrected rear brakes power.
- EDITOR: Contract durations can be set in the editor.
- GENERAL: Player is allowed to have a 10 million Dollar debt max.
- GENERAL: Illegal parts marked with an icon for convenience.

Build your team from a pool of more than 200 drivers and 1000 crew members before constructing, testing and fine tuning your race car and heading to one of the 17 race tracks to put all your hard work to the test.

As the manager you must decide the team’s race strategy and communicate tactics throughout the race, watching them play out in real time. Races are won by a matter of seconds so one wrong decision could cost you a podium place. Once you have your team established why not challenge a friend via the multiplayer mode to decide not only who has the best team but who has the best tactical mind.

Do you have what it takes to take your team to Pole Position?

Key Features:

  • Extensive management simulation for racing fans
  • 17 race tracks all recreated in stunning detail
  • Take over an existing crew or establish your very own racing team from more than 200 drivers and 1000 other team members
  • Construct, test and race your own team cars using 17 different components
  • Powerful race driver and team editing tool
  • Give instructions to the team during the race and see your plans unfold in real time
  • Multiplayer mode for 2 players via LAN or internet

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