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Puzzle Quest 2

Platform(s): Nintendo DS, PC, PSP, Xbox 360
Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: D3Publisher (EU), D3Publisher of America (US)
Developer: Infinite Interactive
Release Date: June 30, 2010

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'Puzzle Quest 2' (ALL) Details Rewards And Leveling Up - New Screens

by Rainier on June 25, 2010 @ 12:00 a.m. PDT

Puzzle Quest 2 features a blend of match-3 gem matching and fantasy, with a simple but meaningful role playing experience, using all-new weapons, spells, and shields that make every decision meaningful and never passive in the deepest puzzle adventure yet.

Puzzle Quest 2 combines its trademark style with an enhanced real-time experience using all-new weapons, spells, and shields that make every decision meaningful and never passive in the deepest puzzle adventure yet.

Puzzle Quest 2 features its hallmark blend of match-3 gem matching and fantasy, with a simple but meaningful role playing experience where players can choose any of four character classes; War Mage, Inquisitor, Barbarian or Assassin. Each character class provides interesting twists during multiple play-throughs as players reclaim the once peaceful village of Verloren from the evil clutch of the demon Gorgon. Players will be able to level up each character to progress through the adventure in Story Mode or even dive into Instant Action, Tournament Mode, or Mutliplayer Mode for a rich and diverse experience. With the entire Puzzle Quest world accessible on your fingertips in real-time action, players will be able to get a more streamlined experience for instant gratification.

Movin’ On Up: Rewards, Leveling, And Getting Rich In Puzzle Quest 2

Fans of the original Puzzle Quest will remember that acquiring gold and collecting experience points were part of every puzzle played.  Well, the development team at Infinite Interactive has really upped the way the game rewards you for your efforts, and now includes several systems to give you experience, gold, and rewards, without distracting you from your primary puzzle problem – slaying the opposing monster!  Read on, if you dare…

Money, Money, Money – Money!

So as not to upset the beautiful and fragile ecos-system that keeps balance between both the RPG and Puzzle genres in Puzzle Quest 2, the game now features a fully realized currency system in the game, which lends itself both to the puzzling and RPG aspects.  In traditional RPG fashion, players can buy and sell items through various vendors.  On the puzzle side, players can also earn gold and items by playing the new “Loot!” mini-game puzzles, which gives players an opportunity to raid a fallen foe’s chest or loot pile.  Completing quests as well defeating enemies will also earn you additional gold and experience.  When important main quests are completed, players will also get the opportunity to select between several specialty items as a reward; these often include rare weapons and armor.  Of course, if nothing appeals to you from the list, you can always take the item worth the most gold and sell it!

Leveling Up your Character

Leveling your character in Puzzle Quest 2 is considerably more rewarding than the original game.  When you level up, you will be brought to a menu where you can allocate points to various stats.  As in the original Puzzle Quest, you have an opportunity to improve your stats.  This time around, stat leveling has been simplified so that each level gives the player one point to attribute to either Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Stamina or Morale – as it is very important to level your character based on your class' strengths and weaknesses, give this careful consideration when leveling. 

Each of the five stats are linked to the gem colors on the board; red (Strength), yellow (Agility), blue (Intelligence), green (Stamina), and purple (Morale).  The color gem associated with the key stat of your character class will always play an important role in the spells you cast.  For example, the Assassin’s “Stealth” spell, which protects the character from damage, relies on purple mana to absorb damage, having a high morale stat will enable an assassin to have a higher maximum of purple mana, giving them more opportunity to absorb damage.

It's best to have a mix of all stats, but the key stats to keep higher are Strength, Stamina and Morale.  Morale is especially useful as it boosts your spell resistance, which can be really useful against tougher opponents.  Additionally, it adds to the damage your equipped weapon can do.  Leveling your Intelligence is only really useful if you are primarily intend to use spells, and agility is useful if you intend to sustain a fair amount of damage, as with the Templar, for example.

The best-case scenario is that your character has a good mix of stats with a focus towards the key stats of your character class.  However, you can improve even on further by augmenting your character with an Epic Daemonic Amulet, which will give you +10 to all stats.  It can be hard to find an item of this rarity, but you can use upgrade materials to get there (or close) with a lesser amulet.  Happy leveling!

In the tradition of the original Puzzle Quest – Puzzle Quest 2 combines an easy-to-play match-3-based puzzle system with the a compelling fantasy adventure and strategic turn-based combat found at the heart of all great role-playing games.

Puzzle Quest 2 further intensifies the puzzle-RPG blend as action points are awarded for deeper combat experience.  Exploration of the dungeon-crawling variety also brings with it new puzzling mini-games when finding loot, discovering and disarming traps, breaking down doors, picking locks, and more.

Level your hero, learn new spells, acquire new deadlier weapons, better armor, and put your puzzle skills to the ultimate test against more dangerous foes as you descend deeper and deeper into this dungeon.  What lies in wait? It is said “No Daemon sleeps forever...”

Puzzle Quest 2 is rated “E10+” by the ESRB,

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