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Karos Online

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: NHN Corporation (EU), NHN USA (US)
Developer: Galaxy Gate
Release Date: April 9, 2010

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'Karos Online' Update To Add Massive Castle Sieges

by Rainier on June 25, 2010 @ 12:00 a.m. PDT

Karos Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG where players take the role of a hero determined to defeat the curse of darkness falling over the world of Asmara and ascend to ultimate glory by becoming the mythical Karos warrior.

In Karos Online, players take the role of a hero determined to defeat the curse of darkness falling over the world of Asmara and ascend to ultimate glory by becoming the mythical Karos warrior. Through questing, guild clashes and mass PvP, they enter the fight for domination over the world's vital energy source, Fletta. Fletta provides the basis for the game's unique and complex alternate progression system; alongside traditional leveling within the game, Fletta energy can be used to increase stats, give buffs, buy resources and enchant items.

Starting this Saturday, June 26th, hundreds of players from the most competitive guilds in Karos will come together every week in a fierce, hour-long battle for control of Asmara's newest and most coveted possession: Castle Bent! Victory won't come easily, but guilds with the strength and skill to conquer the castle will earn a place in Asmaran history as well as benefits on an unprecedented scale, with access to exclusive guild skills, items and bonus income.

"Castle sieges are designed to be the most intense and rewarding guild PvP experience in Karos," said Heejin Jeong, Senior Manager within the Overseas Business Team at NHN Corporation. "Organised PvP on such a large scale is rare in the western free-to-play market, and we think that players will really enjoy this new challenge."

The sieges will take place in Channel 1 on each server, and guilds can apply for participation now by visiting the Gate Captain in front of Castle Bent. Full details of castle siege gameplay can be found at the official website.

A range of new items has also arrived in the Karos Online store, including Lucky Days that increase item drop rate, Concentration potions that speed up skill cooldowns, and three brand new bundled item sets which package together a selection of popular items, offering players added convenience to their gameplay at great value for money.

With a strong RPG component, wide range of class skills and fantastic visual combat effects, Karos Online offers a rich player experience and an exciting end-game for guilds, including castle sieges and resource control points. There are a variety of dynamic dungeons to explore, with shifting paths and surprises to challenge players as they progress in level. The economy is well-developed, with mining, fishing and crafting elements, and a consignment system for storage.

Featuring a brand new item shop, additional server and many fixes and feature updates, starting on Friday Karos will offer both new and experienced players a greater depth of play than ever before.

Gameplay for guilds has been enhanced with a new guild levelling system, and guilds reaching level 3 will be eligible to purchase powerful guild skill scrolls that give combat buffs to all members for a limited duration. Mine Takeover PvP has also been improved, with unlimited mining rights and extra income for victorious guilds.

There's also a new high-level zone to discover at launch: scenic Seron Island in southern Asmara has a lot more in store for intrepid adventurers than just great views - it's teeming with goblins, undead and a whole host of previously undiscovered creatures including raging Hellbiests and fearsome Magma Giants!

Karos Online offers rare graphical quality for its small client size, has low minimum requirements, and will be accessible to a vast range of computers.

Key Features

  • Free-to-play MMORPG
  • Stunning 3D Graphics
  • Massive guild-based PvP & castle sieges
  • Shifting, unpredictable dungeons
  • Fishing, mining and item crafting
  • Majestic mounts

The English and Turkish versions are scheduled to launch in Q2 2010, with a German version to follow later in the year.

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