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Good Old Games Adds Panzer General 2, Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich, Syberia Sale

by Rainier on June 25, 2010 @ 6:57 a.m. PDT

This weekend Good Old Games is selling the Syberia titles at 50% off (or 20% per single title), and has added Panzer General 2 as well as Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich to its portfolio, all DRM free of course.

Panzer General 2 is the most well-known title in the General series by SSI and one of the greatest and most memorable games of all time. Armchair generals head on over...

Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich, GOG's second release by Irrational Games, is a must have for every comic book fan. Who wouldn't love to guide a group of superheroes and kick nazi's butts? The game is only $5.99, DRM-free.

Last but not least weekend promo. This time GOG is offering the fantastic Syberia games with a 50% discount if you buy both or otherwise complete the pair (if you already own one on GOG). 30% off if you buy only one of the games.

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