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Miffy's World

Platform(s): Wii
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Biodroid Entertainment

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'Miffy's World' (Wii) Announced - Screens

by Rainier on June 25, 2010 @ 4:27 p.m. PDT

Miffy's World is a simulation game world for children featuring the rabbit Miffy and her cast of animal friends. Helping to stimulate the creative aspects of the imagination through the game’s quests and puzzles, children are encouraged to explore the world of Miffy and interact with its array of colourful characters.

Miffy’s World also has an innovative parent control feature. Because the game is aimed at young children it will only be playable from the real world hours of 6am to 9pm. Time in the game is synchronized with the Wii’s internal clock and real time will be visible by the relative position of the sun from sunrise to sunset and on the clock inside Miffy’s house. When 9pm approaches (or at any time chosen by the parent) an alert will be sent to the player, the game will be saved and an animation will show Miffy going to bed.

Miffy’s Mom or Dad can also be controlled by a parent at the same time as their child is playing as Miffy. Although they cannot directly interact with the game world they can point at various objects using a second controller and thus help with any quests or puzzles that children may need encouragement with. If a parent is not available however, Miffy’s Mom and Dad have scripted behaviours; they will never leave the house if not controlled by a player, they will initiate quests for Miffy to undertake outside in the game world, and they will also perform the ‘help’ function throughout the game whenever the player is not progressing.

55 years on, Miffy is now a global phenomenon with Miffy’s World set to be her greatest adventure yet!

Key Features:

  • Single player or two-player
  • 2D wrap-around circular world comprised of the main characters’ houses (Miffy, Poppy, Boris, and more) and other locations including the School and the Playground
  • Game world designed to replicate the aesthetic of the much loved books
  • Game world comprised of four Miffy experiences – World, Zoo, Seaside, Mountains – each with their own individual locations
  • In-game time synchronized with the real world via the Wii’s internal clock.
  • Three playable characters – Miffy, Mom and Dad
  • Eight non-playable characters – Poppy, Grunty, Boris, Barbara, Aunt Alice, Melanie, Snuffy and the Teacher
  • Interactive puzzles, object discovery, quests, character interaction and maps

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