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Burn Zombie Burn

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3
Genre: Action
Publisher: P2 Games
Developer: Doublesix
Release Date: Aug. 12, 2010 (US), Sept. 17, 2010 (EU)

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'Burn Zombie Burn' (PS3) Also Coming to PC

by Rainier on July 23, 2010 @ 7:46 a.m. PDT

Set across six classic American horror movie-inspired levels, Burn Zombie Burn is a third-person shoot-'em-up in the classic coin-op tradition featuring next-gen gameplay mechanics, and possessing that "one-more-go" addictiveness that defines all of the great shooters.

You play Bruce – an average every-day Joe who was looking forward to some ‘quality time’ with his girlfriend Daisy. In true B-movie style their Saturday night is ruined by an invasion of zombies. Set across six classic American horror movie inspired levels, Burn Zombie Burn is a third-person shoot-em-up in the classic coin-op tradition featuring next-gen game play mechanics, and possessing that ‘one-more-go’ addictiveness which define all of the great shooters.

The aim of the game couldn’t be simpler; shoot, burn and blow up as many brain munching zombies as possible using a variety of classic zombie killing weapons before they overwhelm you. Use fire to build up your multiplier and then destroy zombies en masse with explosives to increase that oh-so-important leaderboard high score. But beware! A burning zombie is a faster zombie – burn too many and they will burn you!

Burn Zombie Burn is frantic, arcade gaming at its best, delivering humour and bloody zombie violence in copious amounts!.

Citing concerns that the upcoming Steam release of Burn Zombie Burn would touch off a new wave of aggression and brutality against the undead, has prompted an undead civil rights group, the Brotherhood for the Restriction of Attacks, Ammunition And Injury of Necrotic Species (B.R.A.A.A.I.N.S.) to renew its demands for an annual World Zombie Amnesty Day.

"For years, the undead have lived their second lives in fear that some overzealous gun nut would mow them down simply for being a little paler than most of the rest of humanity," said Romero A. Bubb, head spokesman for B.R.A.A.A.I.N.S. "The undead are not that different than any of you - they like to stroll through the streets, gather together with their friends and sometimes enjoy a brain or two - if the opportunity presents itself. However, the release of Burn Zombie Burn on Steam is a threat to ghouls everywhere, since it celebrates the destruction of the undead in all sorts of creative ways including bashing with baseball bats, chainsawing, lawnmowering... and don't even get me started about the Brain Gun! We're asking everyone living and dead alike to join us in protest of this gaming abomination when it's released on Steam."

Burn Zombie Burn will be published by P2 Games on Steam in early August 2010. The game casts players as Bruce, an average guy who only wanted to spend time with his girlfriend Daisy before their Saturday night was ruined by packs of zombies. It's up to Bruce to shoot, burn and blow up as many undead as possible before he succumbs to their attacks. The PC version of the game will feature the standard Freeplay, Defend Daisy and Timed modes, as well as a new Survival mode, which packs an ever increasing number of ghouls onscreen to test your accuracy. Additionally, a harder Extreme difficulty mode will demand a player's best shooting and dodging skills, as you face off against hardier enemies. All zombie hunters will also receive a strategy guide and comic to help instruct them in how to eliminate shambling corpses.

Other features within Burn Zombie Burn are:

  • Six levels inspired by American horror movies: The Woods, Graveyard, Suburbia, Drive-In, Military Base and Secret Lab.
  • Ten custom Challenge levels including: 'My Exploding Zombie Head!' (kick your Exploding Zombie Head around the map, shoot to detonate); Zombie Zapper (trick those zombies into running into your brand new zombie disposal device); 'Zombies Ate My Teddy!' (zombies are after your teddy, you must stop them!) and 'Lawn of the Dead!' (a lawnmower and a lot of zombies).
  • Eight zombie types to burn, each with their own behavioral patterns, strengths and weaknesses: Normal, Exploders, Crazies, Dancers, Rushers, Riots, Noxious and the Super Zombie!
  • Choose from a fantastic range of classic horror-movie weapons to dish out some zombie hurt including: the baseball bat, the shotgun, the chainsaw, the lawnmower and some new additions: the Dance Gun and Brain Gun!
  • Then eviscerate some more undead with your explosives. You can upgrade your Timed Explosives to Proximity Mines or Remote Explosives for your zombie-blasting convenience!
  • Set fire to zombies to net a big score multiplier. The more zombies on fire, the bigger your multiplier and the quicker your score rises.
"It's unfortunate that P2 Games is stoking the flames of anti-zombie sentiment with this release," commented Bubb. "Don't we have enough of that wanton destruction in movies? Please, join with B.R.A.A.A.I.N.S. to protest this game. After all, destroying an undead brain is a terrible waste when it can be fed to starving zombies everywhere!"
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