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Commander: Conquest of the Americas

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Developer: Nitro Games
Release Date: July 30, 2010

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'Commander: Conquest of the Americas' - v1.03 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Aug. 13, 2010 @ 5:28 p.m. PDT

Commander: Conquest of the Americas combines the best elements of trading and strategy games. Set in the 16th century, players will take charge of a wide variety of European nations in efforts to conquer the New World.

Get the Commander: Conquest of the Americas v1.03 Patch off WP (3mb)

Commander: Conquest of the Americas v1.03 Patch

  • Features:
    • Ship highlighting in tactical level
    • AI will now build fleets with 1-3 squadrons
    • A message is received when colony has a need
    • Resource window can now be accessed by clicking the 3D resources and from Colony-founding view
    • Morale information now shown in port name tags on strategic level
  • Balancing:
    • Overall autoresolve balancing
    • Overall ship balancing (schooner, xebec, brig, carrack, cutter)
    • AI has now the possibility to select upgrades to ships
    • More damage inflicted when fleeing from autoresolve
    • Destroyed fort affects ships' morale less
    • Need amounts are decreased
    • Smaller visibility range for squadrons
    • Increased warehouse capacity (all levels)
    • Reduced birth rate
    • Reduced damage to crew from grape shots
    • Ship upgrade prices are now relative to the ship price
    • DLC 1: Colonial Navy overall balancing
  • Fixes:
    • Info text and tiny icon shown over ship icon in shipyard if the shipyard level is too low
    • Problem with water showing black with some older graphics card drivers fixed
    • AI nations will not make war offers to player anymore, if it is in war with him
    • strategic camera scroll tweaked
    • Impossible to select "heavier cannons" upgrade if the ship has no cannons
    • Soldiers don't shoot from sinking ships anymore
    • When Port attack is clicked from squadron interface, it'll show red crosshair on enemy ports, when mouse hovers over them
    • No "cannon accuracy" upgrade for ships with no cannons
    • Tooltips for upgrades in Shipyard now show full upgrade description
    • Graphics and tooltips for shipyard build button improved
    • "Build more warships" -mission fixed
    • Fixed tax-slider (smoother)
    • Now to move trade items from warehouse to squadron also when balance is under 0
    • Fleets cannot resupply at colonyspots anymore
    • AI doesn't add more colonists than there is space left
    • It's not possible for forts to flee the battle anymore
    • Problem with squadrons of a larger fleet disappearing when entering a port fixed
    • CTD-fix: AI squadron-merge caused a crash on savegame
    • CTD-fix: clicking "sell all" in the colony trade view caused a crash sometimes
    • CTD-fix: When trying to load a game or trying to return to main menu while in tactical with a fort, the game could crash
    • screen edge scrolling fixed for dualscreen & triplehead (triplehead can be enabled from options.txt)
    • possibility to lock cursor to game window or on dualscreen to the other screen (can be changed from options.txt)
    • Strategic camera problem with low fps fixed
    • GUI shows amount of cannons correctly now
    • AI will now repair their fleets at port in month change
    • Fixed flashing strategic loading screen when loading a game from main menu or ingame-menu before showing the correct loading screen.
    • Player can't see AI squadrons in docks/trade/people-windows anymore when in alliance and AI squadron arrives to player port for resupplies.
    • New commander created for captured AI squadrons
    • Friendly fort not spawned anymore on top of enemy fort when attacking enemy colony after multiple defending colony battles.
    • Tooltips for specialist fixed (squadron info window)
    • DLC ships used to display wrong icons in shipyard
    • Building prices now correct in every difficulty level
    • Building prices sometimes didn't fit the designated area
    • pressing tab (changing colony) did not hide selected fleet bouys
    • rare CTD caused by native raid fixed
    • "Buy soldiers" button disabled ( grey ) when no more room for soldiers
    • tactical level tip-text removed since we now have a tutorial box on the top right corner
    • "Barcelona" is changed to "Sevilla"

Commander: Conquest of the Americas combines the best elements of trading and strategy games, will enable players to take control of a wide variety of European nations in efforts to conquer the New World.

Commander: Conquest of the Americas, has completed and the pre-order has started on leading digital distribution outlets. As an exclusive bonus, pre-orders for the game will receive three extra ships, three new resources, seven new historical Commanders (one for each nation) and three new historical naval battles.

Developed by Nitro Games, Commander: Conquest of the Americas features elements from both trading and strategy games. Choosing from 7 different European factions, take charge of a European power aiming to conquer the New World. Found new colonies and manage their resources, production, military, and much more as they develop into a full blown empire. Choose to command ships in RTS fashion or take direct control as your fleet engages ships of an enemy nation or blood thirsty pirates.

Main Features:

  • Choose from 6 different European factions
  • Manage your colonies’ resources, production, military, and much more
  • Game world spanning the Caribbean to Hudson Bay
  • Naval battles with as many as 30 ships in varied environments and 2 different control modes
  • Ally yourself with the natives or manipulate them against rival powers

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