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APB: Reloaded

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Action
Publisher: Electronic Arts (EU), K2 Network (US)
Developer: Reloaded Games
Release Date: June 29, 2010 (US), July 2, 2010 (EU)

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'All Points Bulletin' Developer Re-Hires Laid-Off Staff Only Days Later

by Rainier on Aug. 20, 2010 @ 3:34 p.m. PDT

All Points Bulletin (APB) is an MMO freeform combat and driving-based game. Players must decide which side of the law to abide by, as Law Enforcement who take on the challenge of supporting and safeguarding justice, or as Gangs, who operate against the law and any opposing groups by any means necessary.

Earlier this week RTW went into admininstration, laid off part of its staff, but vowed to keep support for APB rolling with patches and keeping the servers up. Today RTW re-hired part of the staff it let go earlier this week, so things might be looking up, if only slightly.

APB takes the universal theme of Criminals and Enforcers and brings it to a persistent, open-world, online multiplayer setting in the modern, crime-ridden fictional city of San Paro. Some players will achieve notoriety by feeding on the city, its people and its businesses…the Criminals. Some will live by a higher code and instead feed on the criminals and their organizations…the Enforcers. This dynamic where players become the core content for other players is one of the many unique features of APB. This dynamic where players become the core content for other players is one of the many unique features of APB. Its deep, rich customization system provides players with the ability to completely personalize their identity. Looks, clothing, vehicles and even music, all to astonishing detail and quality.

Where will you stand in the battle for control? Discover unforgettable weapons, experience incredible customization and try to survive a frenzied battle for control of the streets.

Administrators for leading video games company Realtime Worlds have announced that 23 members of the 60-strong Dundee team working on the company’s ambitious MyWorld 3D project who were all made redundant earlier this month have been re-employed.

Joint administrator Ken Pattullo, of business rescue and restructuring specialist Begbies Traynor said: “As a smaller entity MyWorld is attracting considerable interest from potential buyers and 23 members of the team who had been working on the project clearly add value to it as a standalone business, hence the fact we have been able to offer a limited number of those jobs back.”

‘Crackdown’ and ‘APB’ creator Realtime Worlds, which went into administration on Tuesday, announced the MyWorld “3D social gaming experience” last month, scheduled for launch in 2011. The team was, however, made redundant only days before Realtime Worlds went into administration.

Yesterday (Wedy) the administrators confirmed that while 53 jobs had been retained 157 employees had been made redundant, in addition to the 60 before administration. Trade creditors in the UK are owed in the region of £3 million.

Mr Pattullo said potential buyers from both sides of the Atlantic have expressed interest in Realtime Worlds which is the subject of a major restructuring designed to create a business that can support APB: All Points Bulletin as an ongoing online service for current future players.

“We want to offer reassurance to gamers that APB will not only continue as an online service but will be improved and supported 100 per cent during this restructuring,” he added.

Both he and joint administrator Paul Dounis today met Stewart Hosie, SNP MP for Dundee East and Dundee East MSP Shona Robison.

Mr Pattullo described the meeting as “very useful” and added: “Overall, we are cautiously optimistic.”

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