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Rising Star Games Bring Japanese Developed DSiWare Titles to Europe And North America

by Rainier on Aug. 24, 2010 @ 1:55 a.m. PDT

Rising Star Games and Gamebridge announce the new digitally distributed GO Series, bringing the best Japanese DSiWare games to Europe and North America, starting with Defence Wars and 10 Second Run.

The GO Series will distribute games from renowned Japanese studios including: G-mode, ArtePiazza, SUZAK and TOM CREATE. The studios selected to be part of the GO Series are responsible for impressive titles such as: Wario: Master of Disguise, Dragon Quest, Innocent Life and F-Zero GP Legend.

Martin Defries, managing director of Rising Star Games said, "The GO Series offers great casual games for great value. We are really pleased with the studios that have come together to create this series and we're looking forward to getting these impressive casual games into the hands of European and North American gamers."

The GO Series will be released between September and December 2010. The first two games available will be 10 Second Run and Defence Wars, for the modest sum of 200 DSiWare points each.

10 Second Run will be available across Europe from the 3rd September and Defence Wars from 24th September. US release dates for both titles are to be confirmed. The compilation trailer for the GO Series goes live on the EU Nintendo Channel today.

10 Second Run

In 10 second run the player takes control of a stick man and run for his life across obstacle courses to reach the goal within 10 seconds. Move like your life depends on it, dashing across over 50 stages, avoiding various hazards and desperately trying to reach the exit on time. 10 seconds is all you've got!

Fuyuhiko Fujimoto, director of 10 Second Run at G-mode said, "We're extremely pleased to be teaming up with Gamebridge and the GO Series to bring 10 Second Run to players around the world. After the game's success in Japan since its release in April, I'm really looking forward to having players everywhere try out the game. We're confident the sense of fun trying to reach the exit in just 10 seconds will be universal."

Defence Wars

In Defence Wars the player takes control of a mini arsenal of weapons and fight off wave after wave of enemy attacks. Hold your base until the reinforcements arrive by flicking bullets and bombs at the oncoming enemies using the stylus. Arm your base with guns, cannons and tanks in preparation for the onslaught and then attack with everything you've got.

Noriyoshi Takagi, director of Defence Wars at Tom Create said, "Defence Wars was released in Japan in Feb 2010 and it is still in the top 10. The game's tempo and intuitive touch pen controls are the reasons for its continued success. We are looking forward to European and American players being able to enjoy Defence Wars."

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