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The Guild 2: Renaissance

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Publisher: Jowood
Release Date: Q2 2010

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'The Guild 2: Renaissance' v4.15 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Aug. 29, 2010 @ 7:09 a.m. PDT

The Guild 2: Renaissance begins in the last day of a dark age when clergy and nobility had a stranglehold over all of Europe and the vast wealth of a few noble families was obtained through the blood and sweat of the commoners.

Get the The Guild 2: Renaissance v4.15 Patch off WP (100mb)

The Guild 2: Renaissance v 4.15 Patch

- The installer is in English and German
- The patch includes all former patches and hotfixes and overwrites all changed DBT files and scripts (mods)
- You have to start a new game to make all bugfixes and changes work

- Description of Monasteries on Novaesium broken
- AI didn't use new professions (has been tweaked a bit)
- Possibility of war tweaked
- War fixed (Inventory-bug, War-only-once-bug)
- Dynasties shouldn't die so early now
- Amount of workshops displayed at the new-title-pergament counted also fields and meadows
- Wrong icon for the kontor fixed
- Forced marriage now only works for non-dynasty-members (you were able marry the whole dynasty of your enemies in MP)
- Capturing mines now is no longer a good way to make money
- You could save debts in your strongbox
- Graveyard AI shouldn't curse buildings that much now
- Information window of beggars deactivated
- Children were not controllable after adding to party
- Bribe should now work properly
- Warehous upgrades fixed
- Miller produces more and faster now
- Privilegue "lower office level" (or so) now disappears when the char gets a higher title
- Trials now work properly incl. penalties
- AI also charges other characters now
- Scaffolds of warehouse corrected
- Completely overhauled the market
- Crash when music changes fixed
- New multiplayer lobby form
- Banker now works longer
- Dyes were not produceable
- Text errors
- Map errors
- Fishes now have animated nifs again
- In Cologne there were two similar chappels
- New sellicon
- Soundlocator on Novaesium map corrected
- Added missing resources on some maps
- Workingtime for banker increased to 12 hours
- kontor hat a bad rendering icon
- Graveyard has been smoking out of the roof
- City lamps fixed
- Battle behaviour fixed: Allies don't flee anymore
- It could occur that a thug was not attackable after he started to attack a building
- Attacking a building now should work properly
- Boobytrap now need resources
- Tirades are now sellable
- It was possible that the market was flooded with raw materials. This should not happen anymore
- Worker don't disappear anymore or get stuck in woods or rivers
- There should be no spinning carts anymore
- The donkey lost his ability to teleport
- AI-production of raw materials reworked (also has an influence on production of high tier products)
- AI now builds meadows and fields
- Stock purchase warrants nerfed
- Stock order fixed - now you get what you've ordered
- Binge fixed
- Diplomats now leave your estate also if you canceled the measure
- AI now should buy titles more often
- Prices for titles lowered a bit
- Juggler now gets for work
- Possible fix for the blackscreen issue activated
- Smuggling-measure reworked
- AI now shouldn't get any offices anymore without the appropriate title
- Stone rotaries work properly now
- Several causes for OoS messages fixed
- Mouse icon for the Travell-measure added
- Measure "Upgrade residence" can't be clicked during upgrade anymore
- You can see what profession your candidate is before you start the courtship (the profession is shown in the character screen)
- Medicus treatment reworked
- Higher titles now need a specific fame level
- War on the Hansa map was buggy
- Added mills and orchards on some old maps
- Cost for thugs and bodyguards increased so their equipment can't be sold anymore with profit
- If you died in war your husband/wife was not able to choose another partner
- Guild elders don't disappear after some time now
- Orphands don't get older now and they also need some sleep
- The measures for buying an engagement ring or adopting an orphand sometimes stopped
- Fixed a bug which prevented the player from choosing another town than "Hall" when playing on the map of Kufstein
- Allied characters don't flee anymore if they see you doing something illegal, they'll help you now
- Many small bugs...

Now however, as the 14th Century draws to an end, the first rays of a shining new age appear on the horizon: Common artisans and traders are gaining wealth and influence. More and more common people learn how to read and write, and the gentry loses many of its privileges. This is the onset of the Renaissance, an age of adjustment where ‘common’ people gain valuable individual freedom – and an age where trade, art and artisanry begin to bloom. “The Guild 2 – Renaissance” invites the player into a fascinating age of societal change. Can you keep up with this challenging new age?

This brand-new add-on hugely increases both the size and diversity of the game world – there are innumerable, often unexpected challenges for the player. Nine completely new careers (character classes) allow the player unprecedented freedom in creating the ultimate Guild 2 dynasty: Mercenary, undertaker, mason, entertainer, innkeeper, banker, miller, fruit farm proprietor and more, and the game also includes a wholly re-worked Title system offering a brand-new gameplay element to the player – e.g. in order to reach the next title, you’ll need to either supply your King with lansquenet mercenaries – or serve as an officer in a war yourself.

The vastly improved AI means that enemy dynasties no longer die out easily, and the world of “The Guild 2” was made to look and feel much more alive than previously – wild animals roam the game world, and NPC characters such as dockworkers, drunkards and beggars add to the game’s realistic and detailed atmosphere.

New Features:

  • New scenarios: Additional scenarios set in “The Alps” and “The free Republic of the Netherlands” add detail to the world of “The Guild 2“
  • Nine new careers: The player can decide between nine additional professions and thus decide which kinds of character to play.
  • Maps expanded: The maps are up to four times the size of those in the original “The Guild 2“
  • War and Peace: War keeps breaking out in the new game world – you’ll need to plan your tactics accordingly!
  • God-Measures: Various tasks, such as purchasing a new title or running for an office (or forcing someone to marry you), can now be performed without having to have the main character present, which will save players lots of time.

With a plethora of new details such as entirely new buildings, a soundtrack especially composed for the add-on, and a completely re-worked judicial proceedings system, “The Guild 2 – Renaissance” offers a breathtaking gaming experience for Guild noobs and veteran Guild players alike.

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