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Lace Mamba Global Signs Three Daedalic Entertainment Titles

by Rainier on Aug. 3, 2010 @ 1:56 a.m. PDT

Brighton based publisher Lace Mamba Global has signed a publishing agreement with developer and publisher Daedalic Entertainment for the release of three new projects.

Having collected five German Game Developer Awards in the past two years, Daedalic Entertainment are the developers behind acclaimed titles such as Edna & Harvey: The Breakout and The Whispered World.

Well known for their innovative products and recent award winning title “The Whispered World”, Daedalic Entertainment are one the most up and coming adventure game developers in Europe and already have an established fan base which Lace Mamba Global are keen to expand with the release of the new titles.

The publishing agreement includes the following products which Lace Mamba Global will release in a number of territories including the UK:

  1. Edna & Harvey: The Breakout: Collectors Edition: Edna wakes up in the padded cell of an insane asylum with no memory of her past or how she ended up there. Only one thing is for certain: She has been wrongfully imprisoned and will have to escape! After all, she feels entirely sane – and her speaking stuffed toy bunny Harvey wholeheartedly agrees. Edna & Harvey is a truly insane point & click adventure game that takes after the classics, with extensive dialogues and extraordinary depth.
  2. A New Beginning: A New Beginning is a cinematic, interactive eco-thriller. In the classic adventure game an impending global climate cataclysm threatens the world, in a story ripped from today’s headlines, dealing with the defining issue of our time. At locations all around the globe, players will have to try and stem the tide – with the whole world hanging in the balance.
  3. Deponia: Deponia is a fast-paced comedy of errors and one of the most unusual love stories in gaming history. The twist-filled story takes its off-beat characters all over trash planet Deponia, a unique game world in the style of Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Matt Groening. From Kuvaq, an improvised village built inside a giant trash heap, to the swimming black market and the dark corners of the elevated planetary railways: Deponia is brought to life with detailed hand-painted backgrounds in widescreen format and top-quality cartoon animation.

Jason Codd, Lace Mamba Global’s European Director, has high hopes for the titles and is pleased to be adding such high quality adventure games to Lace Mamba Global’s already impressive catalogue: “We are delighted to have agreed this deal with Daedalic, they are one of the most efficient and talented developers out there and to have secured these titles is a great sign for Lace Mamba Global. We are looking forward to working with Daedalic Entertainment over the next year and releasing some excellent products.”

Carsten Fichtelmann, Managing Director of Daedalic Entertainment added: “This partnership will bring our eagerly awaited upcoming titles to new audiences in the United Kingdom and other key territories. We’re very much looking forward to working closely with Lace Mamba Global and making this partnership a successful adventure for all parties.”

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