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Platform(s): Xbox 360
Genre: Hardware
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Microsoft

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Xbox Live Gold Subscription Rates Being Raised

by Rainier on Aug. 30, 2010 @ 1:41 p.m. PDT

Xbox 360 is a video game and entertainment system that is home to video games, an on-demand library of movies and TV shows connected to the television. The Xbox 360 blends its content with the largest online social network of 20 million members on Xbox Live to create an entertainment experience that can be shared at home or across the globe.

Microsoft announced that as of November 1, 2010 it is increasing the price of an Xbox LIVE for some members. This price increase only affects Xbox LIVE Members in Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom or the United States.

CountryCurrentStarting Nov. 1, 2010

1M Gold:  $7.99

3M Gold:  $19.99

12M Gold:  $49.99

1M Gold:  $9.99

3M Gold:  $24.99

12M Gold:  $59.99


1M Gold:  4.99 GBP

1M Gold:  5.99 GBP


1M Gold:  $8.99 CAD

1M Gold:  $9.99 CAD


12M Gold:  499 Pesos

12M Gold:  599 Pesos

Since launching Xbox LIVE in 2002 Microsoft has added more content and entertainment experiences for its members, while keeping the price the same. It is confident that when the new pricing takes effect, an Xbox LIVE Gold membership will continue to offer the best value in the industry.

However, Microsoft do want to thank our loyal members and give you the opportunity to lock in your current price with an additional discount, so now would be a good time to renew your subscription.

Again, the only subscription packages impacted are those mentioned above. For instance, the 12m UK Price? Not affected since it is not mentioned above.

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