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Shining Legend

Platform(s): Nintendo DS
Genre: RPG/Action
Developer: Blueside
Release Date: Winter 2010

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'Shining Legend' (NDS) Announced

by Rainier on Aug. 7, 2010 @ 10:05 a.m. PDT

Shining Legend is an action RPG where players can expect elements of romance mixed in with adventure as the protagonist, a wandering prince of a fallen kingdom financially in crisis, meets a little-too-chatty cat and sets out on a journey to find seven princesses who went loose from their palace because of a little miscommunication.

The player will be put in the shoes of the prince who hasn’t got a dime, and has to do whatever it takes to generate enough money to rebuild the fallen kingdom.  The player has to find those missing princesses for an enormous sum of rewards and pay off the great debts the kingdom is suffering from.

The player can travel freely to various regions in a continent with hundreds of quests to play and enjoy an adventure full of content as the protagonist encounters seven princesses and experiences a continuous series of dynamic events battling through dozens of monsters in real-time, keeping the player on the edge of his or her seat.

As the player progresses, he or she can grow the protagonist on their own terms depending on how well the player co-battles with the princesses, each of whom evolves differently according to how close the relationship between the protagonist and her is, not to mention various abilities and items the player acquires throughout the game.  The player can also expect to see multiple endings depending on the path he or she took in terms of gameplay and relationships he or she had with the seven princesses, as each of them has a different story to unfold.

Unlike other RPG games where a somewhat slow pace of game allows the player a relatively long time to think, ‘Shining Legend’ brings a very different gameplay system where the player is constantly challenged by multiple enemies of various kinds in a beautifully detailed field, and the intensity of the battle requires the player to make quick judgments in each situation.

Key Features

  • Storyline
    • Seven missing princesses, a wandering prince without his kingdom, and his talking cat.  The protagonist used to be a prince of small kingdom named ‘Alterrain’, located in the southern part of the continent, but now lives the life of a wanderer with great debts after his kingdom plunged into a financial crisis. 
    • Seven princesses from the powerful kingdom of Junon go loose and are nowhere to be found.   The protagonist, who’s been wandering the continent without a destination, comes across a rumor that one who finds the princesses and brings them back home will get an enormous sum of rewards, and so begins his unpredictable journey.    
  • Narrative Freedom
    • Player chooses his or her own path selecting from 40+ regions available.  
  • Interactive storyline offers dozens of different endings depending on how the player progresses.  
    • 400+ quests available to enjoy. 
  • Innovative Companion System
    • Player can acquire various abilities from princesses depending on how the relationship with each of them develops.  
    • Depending on the accompanying princesses and their distinct attributes, the player can perform numerous magic spells on his or her own terms. 
    • Depending on the relationship with a princess, the player can apply her magic attributes to the protagonist.    
  • Highly-detailed Field Map and Dozens of Enemies.
    • Highly-detailed field map in a fairytale atmosphere. 
    • Intense battles where dozens of enemies appear at once, pushing the limits of the Nintendo DS system.  

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