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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Release Date: Aug. 17, 2010 (US), Aug. 20, 2010 (EU)

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'Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days' (ALL) Rolls Out Three DLCs, Adds New Maps, Weapons And More

by Rainier on Sept. 1, 2010 @ 8:33 a.m. PDT

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a raw and brutal crime shooter designed to take players on an even more intense story experience, following two of gaming’s most disturbed criminals, through the gritty Shanghai underworld.

A raw and brutal crime shooter, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days follows two disturbed criminals, Lynch – an impulsive and reckless self-medicated psychopath and Kane – a tactical but disillusioned and desperate ex-mercenary, through 48 hours of hell.  

Introducing a new visual experience inspired by documentary filmmakers and the user-generated era. Players are pulled into the game world, with every move and shift of the camera capturing the mayhem, in an unscripted style.

Beyond the stylized look and violent story, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days delivers all-new multiplayer modes as the highly celebrated Fragile Alliance mode returns, along with new Undercover Cop, Cops & Robbers and Arcade modes, with each mode raising the stakes of greed, betrayal, and revenge.

After a simple job goes wrong, Kane and Lynch find themselves wanted by the entire Shanghai underworld.  Lynch is living the good life as a henchman in Shanghai, where he has settled down with his girlfriend. He's involved in a big arms deal but needs help to make it happen. Kane is a wanderer, an ex-mercenary with family problems who needs to get away.  Despite their differences, Lynch calls him for help. Once together, they set-off a chain of events over two days, as the deal falls apart and Kane and Lynch face the consequences the hard way.

The Kane & Lynch 2 multiplayer experience is about to get a whole lot richer. Three download packs are set to release today and will provide new maps and content playable in all three of the critically acclaimed Multiplayer modes as well as the single player Arcade mode.  Increase your wealth and unlock new Achievement points with three new maps, powerful new weapons and stolen masks to conceal your identity.

The three DLC packs are:

  • Doggie Bag Pack
  • Take on new heists and unlock new Achievement points with two never before seen maps and five exclusive weapons for Multiplayer and Arcade modes.  Dockyard and High Rise maps, plus the Radio Tower map (previously available through pre-order offers) provide new opportunity to increase your wealth. And with the inclusion of five new weapons, including the DD 33, KL Viper, RTS, SMi 69, and the TOQ Model Four S the odds are in your favor of pulling off a successful heist.
  • Retail price:
    • Xbox 360 - 560 Microsoft points
    • PS3 -  €5.99 (Europe) / $5.99 (US)
    • STEAM - €5.99 (Europe) / $5.99 (US)
  • Alliance Weapons Pack
  • Increase your weapons arsenal  with seven powerful new weapons for all Multiplayer modes and Arcade mode. A mix of handguns, shotguns and assault rifles the new weapons include:  Doretta Silenced, Steele 870, TOQ SBR, Kaliningrad 47, PAC 10 silenced, N 77P  Silenced, TOQ Elite. (Weapons previously available through pre-order).
  • Retail price:
    • Xbox 360 - 240 Microsoft points
    • PS3 - €2.99 (Europe) / $2.99 (US)
    • STEAM - €2.99 (Europe) / $2.99 (US)
  • Multiplayer Mask Pack
  • Conceal your identity and avoid revenge attacks with 8 costume masks stolen from a Chinese gift shop, for all Multiplayer modes and Arcade mode. You never want to be identified, especially if you are a traitor! (Masks previously available through pre-order).
  • Retail price:
    • Xbox 360 - 160 Microsoft points
    • PS3 - €1.99 (Europe) / $1.99 (US)
    • STEAM - €1.99 (Europe) / $1.99 (US)

Key Features:

  • Raw, Real & Uncut – Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days introduces a unique, unseen visual style to video games. Taking visual references from documentary filmmaking and the user-generated era, Kane & Lynch 2 delivers a sense of intense realism never before experienced.
  • Play as Lynch – This time play as psychopath Lynch.  He’s taking advantage of the opportunities Shanghai has to offer, and nothing is going to get in his way.
  • Brutal shooter gameplay - players will feel the world pushing back on them, creating constant tension, as they fight to survive. New shooter mechanics built from the ground up with button-activated cover system, refined A.I. and new features to add to the frenetic pace and realism, including:
  • Down not Dead - second chance allowing the player to shoot back or crawl to cover in one shot kill situations.
  • Human Shields – an act of desperation, adding more dimensions to the cover system.
  • Critically Acclaimed Multiplayer - is back with improved and innovative new multiplayer modes:
    • Fragile Alliance
    • Undercover Cop
    • Cops & Robbers
  • Online Co-op – play as Kane and Lynch taking on the lowlife of Shanghai.
  • Arcade mode: sharpen your heist skills in single player Arcade mode. 
  • In Arcade Mode, a single player version of the innovative Fragile Alliance mode, your objective is to help the Alliance escape with as much of the loot as possible.  You are paid if you survive the round, and continue through increasingly challenging levels as long as you survive and escape, but with the cops on your back and an escape vehicle that can’t wait the pressure is on. 
  • Relentless Action – Kane & Lynch find themselves wanted by the entire Shanghai underworld.

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