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Rock Band 2

Platform(s): PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360
Genre: Rhythm
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Harmonix

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Rock Band Music Store Has Half Off Sale On Slew Of Songs, But Only On PS3

by Rainier on Sept. 21, 2010 @ 9:20 a.m. PDT

Rock Band 2 builds upon the original to introduce co-op band gameplay, multiple instruments, online multiplayer, unparalleled downloadable content and raises the bar by delivering an entirely new level of depth, connectivity, authenticity and features.

The Rock Band 2 soundtrack features over 100 songs with over 80 songs on disc plus an additional 20 bonus tracks which will be made available for free download this fall. This builds upon the unparalleled depth and diversity of Rock Band's original set list and its ever-expanding library of downloadable tracks. Comprised entirely of master recordings from some of rock's most prolific and untouchable artists, including AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, Bob Dylan, Metallica, Pearl Jam and more, Rock Band 2 will deliver the most impressive and largest music catalogue of any music-based videogame ever.

From Sept. 21, 2010 until Oct. 4, 2010, select singles, song packs and albums will be available for up to 50 percent off through the Rock Band Music Store of downloadable content for PlayStation 3, including Megadeth, Avenged Sevenfold, Foreigner, Rise Against, Slipknot, The Offspring, Stone Temple Pilots and more.

“We hope our PlayStation 3 fans enjoy playing these specially-priced songs in Rock Band 2 today, and also in Rock Band 3 in just a few weeks time,” said Paul DeGooyer, senior vice president of music and games for MTV Games. “Rock Band set the standard for downloadable content in music games, and we continue to innovate as we close in on the release of our 2,000th song.”

Available on PS3 on sale from Sept. 21 to Oct. 4:

  • Singles
    • R.E.M., “Losing My Religion”
      Sale Price: $0.99
      Original Price: $1.99
    • Content:Flyleaf, "Again"
      Sale Price: $0.99
      Original Price:$1.99
    • Avenged Sevenfold, “Bat Country”
      Sale Price: $0.99
      Original Price: $1.99
    • The Runaways, “Cherry Bomb”
      Sale Price: $0.99
      Original Price: $1.99
    • Anberlin, "Feel Good Drag"
      Sale Price: $0.99
      Original Price: $1.99
    • Stone Temple Pilots, “Interstate Love Song”
      Sale Price: $0.99
      Original Price: $1.99
  • Song Packs
    • Slipknot 01
      Price: $2.99
      Original Price: $5.49
    • Night Ranger 01
      Price: $2.99
      Original Price: $5.49
    • Foreigner 01
      Price: $2.99
      Original Price: $5.49
    • Rise Against 01
      Price: $2.99
      Original Price: $5.49
    • The Offspring 01
      Price: $2.99
      Original Price: $5.49
    • The White Stripes 02
      Price: $2.99
      Original Price: $5.49
    • Nine Inch Nails 01
      Price: $2.99
      Original Price: $5.49
    • Foo Fighters 03
      Price: $3.49
      Original Price: $6.99
    • REO Speedwagon/Styx Tour '09
      Price: $5.49
      Original Price: $10.99
    • Creedence Clearwater Revival 01
      Price: $9.99
      Original Price: $19.99
  • Albums
    • Jane's Addiction, Nothing's Shocking
      Price: $7.99
      Original Price: $15.99
    • Megadeth, Rust in Peace
      Price: $7.49
      Original Price: $14.99
    • Pantera, The Great Southern Trendkill
      Price: $7.99
      Original Price: $15.99
    • Rush, Moving Pictures
      Price: $5.49
      Original Price: $10.99

Rock Band 2 raises the bar in music gaming innovation with new features to rock the world:

  • Local and global online modes to connect the entire Rock Band community
  • World Tour mode, now online, simplifies the best of gameplay from the original Rock Band by fusing Solo Tour and Band World Tour modes and cranks it up a notch with an all new collection of opportunity gigs, challenges, cities, venues and hirable staff
  • Tour Challenges that offer rockers a chance to play through mini-campaigns focused on the best songs by instrument, decade, genre, artist, album and more
  • Battle of the Bands mode challenges players to go head to head against other bands in constantly refreshed contests* created by Harmonix (*internet connection required)
  • Quickplay makes it easier than ever to get in and jam without hassle while allowing for new prefab characters or customized characters that can play on any instrument plus lets you make your own set lists and organize your song lists in a variety of categories (genre, era, etc.)
  • Customizable Set Lists keep the music rolling and your band rocking in Quickplay mode
  • Drum Trainer mode gives players the fundamentals of different beats and fills, translating gameplay into real drumming skills
  • Character Creator completes your look with all new choices in clothing, accessories, tattoos, hairstyles, instruments and more to keep your unique rock avatar playing the full rock part
  • Backwards compatibility with all Rock Band downloadable music content released to date
  • Disc Export Feature gives owners of the original Rock Band the ability to export most of the Rock Band disc tracks and upgrade them into Rock Band 2 gameplay-the first time ever in videogame history!

From the solid officially licensed Rock Band 2 instruments to the expanded third party options, Rock Band 2 introduces new and improved choices that promise to deliver unsurpassed realism. In addition, Harmonix and MTV Games have become the first companies to officially support third party instruments and accessories in a music videogame.

Achieve ultimate stardom with the upgraded functionality and smooth new look of the official Rock Band 2 instruments.

  • Fender Stratocaster Controller takes on a new authentic look plus adds a reinforced strum bar, quieter buttons, wireless functionality and a built in calibration tool that automatically sets your AV setup to an ideal setting for maximum rock.
  • Drum set goes wireless while also featuring quieter, velocity sensitive drum pads and a metal reinforced pedal.
  • Microphone showcases authentic styling and weight.

Kick up the intensity with officially licensed third-party instruments from Mad Catz:

  • Fender Telecaster Controller features soft buttons with lower action to help you shred faster than ever.
  • Fender Bass Controller, the first bass guitar controller ever, takes the shape of the Fender P-Bass with extended length, tuning pegs and a split strum bar to replicate finger-bass style picking.
  • Full-sized Squire Stratocaster Guitar Controller multiplies the authentic guitar experience by featuring a controller built into an actual Squire Stratocaster body.
  • Cymbal Expansion Pack is a straightforward but amazing upgrade to the Rock Band 2 drum set featuring add-on cymbals.

Take Rock Band 2 instrument authenticity to a whole new level with a high-end peripheral from ION:

  • ION Drum Rocker, a real electronic drum kit that functions as a game controller, brings the Rock Band fantasy to life featuring a simple substitution that takes the drum kit from a controller to a real instrument.

Rock Band 2 is currently available on Xbox 360, PS3, PS2 and Wii.

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