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Bounty Bay Online

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Frogster Online Gaming GmbH (EU), IGG (US)
Developer: Snail Game
Release Date: Sept. 14, 2007

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'Bounty Bay Online' Shows Off Atlantis Expansion - Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 3, 2010 @ 7:51 a.m. PDT

Beyond the Horizon integrates a significant geographical expansion of the historical explorer and sailor world. For the first time, ocean adventurers will have the opportunity to sail right around the whole world using the Cape Horn route.

Bounty Bay Online puts gamers in the heyday of sailing ships. With their own boat, they can explore the known world and visit 60 harbour cities in America, Australia, Africa and Asia, but they can also set course towards European cities like London. There, players can drop anchor and walk into the British capitol with its typical look in 3rd person perspective.

Gamers can choose their path to fame and fortune. They can act as a blood thirsty pirate, or as a peaceful fisherman. And even if they don´t like the water, they could become a farmer, a blacksmith or a lumberjack.

Also, a career as a trader is a possibility – thanks to the trading system that calculates all the prices based on supply and demand. The political situation also has an influence on how business runs – if the situation between Britain and Portugal is somewhat strained, then it will be difficult to sell one’s products in Lisbon. Additionally, some trading skills also influence if all the effort was worth the price.

If one prefers sabre over silver, then the way of the skull might be the preferred choice. Pirates can attack and conquer cities, fight sea battles and capture other ships. They can collect goods from sunken ships, and sell them in the next best harbour, if there’s no price on their head yet or if they bribed the city guards – otherwise, they might have to sail to special pirate nests instead.

Every member of the Bounty Bay Online world has its own ships. Right after start, they have a simple boat, but while playing they gain access to lots of better ships, for example, a beautiful frigates with a hand-picked crew. With those vessels, one can even explore the more dangerous waters. And there is a lot to explore – from the pyramids of Gizeh to the Chinese Wall. Findings, as such, are put – automatically – into the logbook, so that every gamer writes his own book of fame and adventure.

New land has been sighted by players on their journeys on the seven seas with the fourth add-on to the seafaring game. The heavily forested Bimini Islands rise majestically out of the warm currents of the Caribbean and lure adventurers with their legendary secret – after much research it has been shown these islands are the most likely location for the once sunken city of Atlantis. Players will find deep in the verdant island labyrinth a hidden entrance to the mythical city guarded by aggressive and fearsome creatures.

Experienced players who enter the sunken city will soon learn that despite the impressive architecture and romantic submarine landscapes, this is a place where outsiders are not welcome. Sea monsters and violent natives lurk in the various regions, Atlaszon, Possedo Bay, and the Seabed Cave, lying in wait for unsuspecting visitors from the world above. But players also have other opportunities to prove their skills since the ‘King’s Tomb’ instance provides new challenges spread over two floors and available in two difficulty levels.

After having mastered the instance using the first difficulty setting players will be able to show their worth by completing the demanding two-level dungeon in elite mode as well. Even though the dungeon looks the same in both difficulty levels, the players battling through the instance on the more difficult setting will come across much fiercer and more numerous opponents. But no matter which difficulty level brave adventurers choose to tackle the instance on, they will all come face-to-face with the terrifying winged creature, ‘Atlans’, whose secrets must be brought into the light.

The expansion includes a level cap raise up to a maximum of 150, a new reward system for discoveries, new armour sets for all character classes, set bonuses, and new armour crafting options.

‘Bounty Bay Online: Atlantis’ will be the fourth add-on to the pirate-themed MMO and will take high-level players to the synonymous sunken city, as well as other new locations, to take on new challenges starting from 22/09/2010.

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