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Faxion Online

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: True Games Interactive
Release Date: May 26, 2011

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'Faxion Online' Enters Closed Beta Stage

by Rainier on Jan. 31, 2011 @ 8:00 a.m. PST

Faxion Online will feature a full, persistent world with competitive and robust PvP play and territory control. Territory control will sport two main factions - the forces of heaven and hell - where players will engage in grand battles to vie for control of a territory and influence on behalf of their side of the conflict.

Faxion Online is a highly competitive, fully featured MMORPG allows players to become part of the classic struggle between good and evil; but with a twist. A group of industry veterans with significant experience on titles such as Shadowbane, Ultima Online and many others are developing the title. Territory control, an important and deep feature of the game, will sport two main factions - the forces of heaven and hell - where players will engage in grand battles to vie for control of a territory and influence on behalf of their side of the conflict.

Players of Faxion Online will enter a fantasy and war-torn world of Limbo where the forces of Heaven & Hell are engaged in an endless battle for dominance over the realm. Players enter the conflict by joining forces with either Heaven or Hell as they participate in the war. By conquering key locations within a persistent world, the heroes will have the ability to dominate their opponent and claim victory for their faction which will grant them great rewards. Limbo will reflect who rules any given area by displaying the environment through the lens of the faction. When the angels dominate an area, the golden rays of the sun shine down onto lush vegetation under the blue skies, and when demons are in control the world will reflect a hellish red hue where ash and ember fill the air.

An open-world persistent MMORPG, Faxion Online focuses heavily on immersive player versus player (PvP) combat, but also offers a solid player versus environment (PvE) experience that any MMORPG fan will enjoy. The game's robust Territory Control System allows the different "faxions" (representing the sides of good and evil) to constantly battle for the fate of the 7 deadly sins, which make up the seven contested zones in the game. Control of a particular zone --lust, greed, sloth, pride, gluttony, wrath or envy-- determines the nature of that sin, on a sliding gray scale, from positive (generous) to negative (selfish). While Heaven strives to implement virtuous elements of the "sin," Hell prefers the baser, more despicable foibles of man. For example, when Heaven gains control of Pride's control point, its members encourage self-confidence and competence, however, when hell gains control of Pride, the sliding scale shifts to self-important arrogance and disdain.

Pre-registered Beta players will begin receiving invites today, Monday, January 31, and others can obtain their beta keys by visiting where the Faxion logo is currently frozen in honor of "Hell Freezes Over" day.

Upon entering the world of Faxion, players will find themselves in war-torn limbo as they start their journey in the afterlife. The Seven Deadly Sins represent physical locations in the game, each with its own immoral theme, and players will have the opportunity to explore and discover the locations as they immerse themselves in intense battle for the armies of Heaven or Hell. Through each manifestation of the Sins, players will encounter the people that represent them. From the Gluttonous enjoying an eternal feast, to the Prideful Atlans building their Tower into the skies, players must face off against other inhabitants of the afterlife, limbo and the deadly sins while vying for control of each deadly zone!

"When celebrating "Hell Freezes Over" day you are supposed to pull out a list of all the things you said you would do when Hell freezes over but screw that; why not just come and check out Faxion instead?" said Frank Lucero, Studio Head at UTV True Games.

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