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Fight Night Champion

Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Sports
Publisher: EA Sports
Developer: EA Canada
Release Date: March 1, 2011

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'Fight Night Champion' (ALL) Details Champion Mode, Full Spectrum Punch Control - Screen & Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 4, 2011 @ 10:25 p.m. PST

Fight Night Champion pushes visual boundaries with the most realistic boxer-likeness to date, fluid animations and damage that conveys the brutality of the sport of boxing

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Fight Night Champion breaks the mold of what is expected in a single-player sports game. Players are introduced to an entirely new way to step between the ropes and experience the drama, emotion, excitement and tragedy of world championship boxing. Fight Night Champion pushes visual boundaries with the most realistic boxer-likeness to date, fluid animations and damage that conveys the brutality of the sport of boxing and redefines the single-player journey.

Featuring a refined physics-based animation system that incorporates improved locomotion, punching and stamina mechanics, Fight Night Champion enables users to move, attack and dodge with the speed and power of the best champions, contenders and pretenders in the world of boxing. In addition, an all-new control scheme, dubbed Full Spectrum Punch Control, delivers the most realistic punching system ever seen in a simulation fighting game, while still delivering an accessible experience that makes Fight Night Champion the most user-friendly title in the franchise's history.

Fight Night Champion will be the first title from EA Sports to include a single player narrative that draws the user into a focused story about an individual character. Written by Hollywood screenwriter, Will Rokos, Champion Mode will tell the story of Philadelphia born middleweight boxer Andre Bishop and will introduce videogame and boxing fans alike to a side of sports rarely explored in videogames.

In addition to a revamped and improved Legacy Mode, Champion Mode takes you through the life of Andre Bishop and his path to becoming a Champion. EA Sports is stoked about this first opportunity for an EA Sports title to have a dramatic game mode with mature themes. Boxing fans will feel connected with our hero and really want to get to that next chapter to see how the story all plays out.

The big question will most definitely be about gameplay. The biggest improvement that the team made was implanting a new control scheme dubbed Full Spectrum Punch Control. EA Sports Producer Brian Hayes explains what the inspiration behind the new controls came from.

“We went back to the drawing board, literally, with Full Spectrum Punch control,” Hayes replied. “Based on a lot of user feedback and telemetry, we were finding that the previous implementations of TPC had fundamental ergonomic challenges. Basically, it was a lot easier to extend the thumb outwards and throw left handed punches, than it was to cram the thumb inwards and throw right handed punches. It’s just not a good thing to have that kind of obstacle in a boxing game.” Unless you have ultra gamer thumbs like I do ;) Kidding…

“So the first thing we decided to do was remove the need for all the quarter-circle or half circle gestures on the analog stick,” continues Hayes, “Now it’s a lot easier to throw punches. It’s also gentler on your thumbs and nicer on your controller. A lot of people tell us all the time about how many controllers they have worn out, hopefully that will be a thing of the past too.”

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