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Elemental: War of Magic

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Stardock
Developer: Stardock
Release Date: Aug. 24, 2010

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'Elemental: War of Magic' Design A Quest Contest Launched

by Rainier on Jan. 8, 2011 @ 11:56 a.m. PST

Elemental: War of Magic is set in a world filled with magic and ancient lore. As the ruler of your kingdom, you must expand your empire through a combination of magical power, military might, diplomatic skill, technological advancement and bold adventuring. Your worlds will be of your choosing, or players are free to create their own.

Your worlds will be of your choosing, or players are free to create their own.

The story of Elemental: War of Magic begins with an immersive single player campaign with you being the only person in your kingdom with the ability to channel magic through mysterious shards of magic that are scattered across the world. These shards, a result of a tremendous cataclysm that occurred a century prior when powerful beings waged war across the world, are the source of much of the world’s magic.

Late last year, Stardock held a “Design a Spell” contest in the Elemental/PC gaming community in which the winner’s spell was implemented into the game. Due to the success of participation and positive fan feedback, the company announced today that a new contest has launched: Design a Quest!

As Stardock continues to bolster its development staff with the recent additions of Derek Paxton (Fall from Heaven), Jon Shafter (Civilization V) and David Stern (Novelist/Writer), it hasn’t forgotten about the great ideas the fan community is bringing forth and is giving them another opportunity to get their ideas implemented into the game!

The winners will receive the prizing as follows:

  1. First Place: ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB graphics card AND have your quest implemented into Elemental: War of Magic!
  2. Second Place: $50 Impulse Gift Card
  3. Three runners up: $25 Impulse Gift Card

The contest ends on January 31

With the powers of old now gone, you now hold the key to the use of magic in your land. As ruler of your land and a channeler of magic, you must decide how much of your power to imbue into your heroes as you build new cities, explore dungeons, perfect spells of ever-increasing power and negotiate with friends and foes alike. Other channelers in the world, whether they be of the race of Men, The Fallen or the Beasts, are also able to access magic and may not share your vision of the world.

Harnessing the technology of ImpulseReactor, ground-breaking multiplayer modes include traditional skirmish modes as well as a persistent universe mode. Additionally, integrated modding support allows players to submit maps, items, creatures, races, technologies, spells, buildings, environments and much more from right within the game and become available to all players of the game seamlessly.

The game also includes integrated modding tools that allow players to create their own fantasy maps, monsters, tiles, effects and much more. The game’s story-driven campaign, written by Random House’s writing team, was made exclusively with the built-in modding tools.

Besides including the sand box game and campaign, Elemental also includes a multiplayer mode in which up to 16 players can play online while taking simultaneous turns. Players can save their multiplayer games online and return to them to continue in order to support players who wish to play more epic-sized games.

Like all Stardock titles, Elemental: War of Magic will include no on-disk DRM and will be available for re-download and updates through the Impulse digital distribution platform regardless of wherever it is purchased.

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