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Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict Gold

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Fury Software
Release Date: Late 2011

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'Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict Gold' Announced

by Rainier on Oct. 27, 2011 @ 11:34 a.m. PDT

Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict Gold is the brand new expansion to the original SC WWII Global Conflict game of grand strategy and global world dominance in the 1940's.

The GOLD expansion is an add-on and requires the original base game in order to play! SC WWII Global Conflict GOLD boasts dozens of major new features, changes and improvements to the original game - many based on fan suggestions - as well as 4(!) new major campaigns, 4 entirely reworked campaigns (to include the new features), and a whole lot more! SC WWII Global Conflict GOLD will be released at the end of this year, 2011, and will be available for only \$25 as digital download, physical hardgoods via mail, or both.

A bundle consisting of the base game plus the GOLD expansion will be available at the time, as well.

The Strategic Command World War Two Global Conflict GOLD expansion boasts dozens of improvements and major new features over the original game. Below is a list of some of the most important changes and additions to the game.

  • New Interface - Much easier to use with all the game buttons on a single screen as well as a more intuitive expected combat results area located at the bottom center of the display. MPP display also updated for easier reading.
  • Zoom - Default view as well as an additional two levels of zoom using the mouse wheel that will be of great benefit while playing one of the large scale campaigns, especially one involving a lot of naval action.
  • Faster AI - Several options to increase the playback speed of the AI turn including those to skip the display of AI moves and combat entirely. Significant logic improvements included as the AI will now play almost 5X faster!
  • New Unit Slots - Garrison and Rail Guns are now included.
  • 8 Majors - France and Italy are now separate major nations along with the UK, USA, USSR, China, Germany and Japan.
  • Retreats - Units will now retreat during combat under the proper in game conditions.
  • Artillery - Artillery units can now choose to either use their shells for offensive fire, or save unused shells for defensive fire in their opponent's turn.
  • Supply - Out of supply land units will now have a maxium Action Points = 1 except for Partisans.
  • National Morale - Shown at the top center of the game play area with the values decreased by the number of MPP unit losses and by the number of home resources controlled by your enemy. Values are increased by the number of enemy resources occupied. National Morale is critical in determining where to attack in order to secure or defend the various National Morale objectives shown on the map as well as an additional factor determining when a nation will surrender, usually when their National Morale is < 1%.
  • User Manual - Now accessible in game from a menu button.
  • Unit Swapping - Adjacent units can now have their positions easily swapped with a new in game swapping mechanism.
  • Movement Path - Movement path is now also highlighted under friendly units to show the full reach of a moveable unit.
  • Operational Movement - Destination tiles underneath friendly units are now also highlighted to indicate that these positions would be reachable if the friendly unit were to subsequently move.
  • Air Units - Air units can now move at 50% of available action points when located on a snow, rain and sandstorm tile.
  • Paratroops - Can now be intercepted and escorted.
  • Subs - Will no longer prevent enemy subs from raiding convoys and sub attacks are now halved when they move before attacking, plus the damage they receive under these circumstances is now doubled. Subs in 'Silent' mode now have a 50% chance of passing through enemy Destroyers.
  • Forced March - Allows you to move a unit within friendly territory at 2X the available action points but at a cost of reduced unit morale.
  • Naval Units - Can now pass through non belligerent enemy units.
  • Partisans - Can now only move within their home country.
  • Spotting - Bombers, Tactical Bombers, Fighters and Carriers can now all be sent on reconnaissance missions to reveal suspected hidden unit positions.
  • Research - Progression tracking that will go from 0-100% and once you reach 100% you have achieved your breakthrough. Previous research system is still in place as a way to represent a research breakthrough that can come at any time with the only restriction that an early breakthrough/advance can only come once your progression has reached above 40%.

Further additions include (helpful to modders):

  • The ability to highlight Alternate Capitals on the map.
  • The ability to highlight National Morale objectives on the map, and also (for modders) the ability for reductions in National Morale to be used as a trigger for DECISION events.
  • The ability to customize whether or not a specified unit type should be able to upgrade with all applicable research categories or just some or none.
  • The ability to upgrade HQs with AA and Motorization.
  • The merging of Infantry and Anti-Tank Weapons so that infantry units have a free slot available that can be used by AA.
  • The ability to upgrade naval vessels (but not carriers) with AA.
  • The ability to turn raiding options on/off for naval units, so as not to give away your position if you end your turn on a convoy route. This is very important when attempting to sneak some naval units past the enemy.
  • The ability to set a minimum purchase date for new units such as not allowing the purchase of Rockets prior to 1944.

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