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Global Ops: Commando Libya

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: bitComposer (EU), Kalypso Media (US)
Developer: Spectral Games
Release Date: Early 2012 (US), Q3 2011 (EU)

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'Global Ops: Commando Libya' Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Nov. 1, 2011 @ 8:47 a.m. PDT

Global Ops: Commando Libya is a plot-driven squad-based action game with contemporary reference to the current Libyan conflict. The player is part of a special team that has to stop the threat of an atomic catastrophe by Arab terrorists either in a solo mission or with his AI buddies.

Get the Global Ops: Commando Libya Demo off WP (650mb)

The story starts back in January 21, 1968, when a B-52G bomber carrying thermonuclear bombs on board crashes in the Artic Sea of North Star Bay near Thule Airbase. The search party finds the wreckage and three bombs, but the fourth is missing…

Jump to the present: the notorious Russian Mafia boss and weapons dealer, Yebievdenko, has a new toy for sale: an atom bomb. The CIA learns of his plans to sell it to a Libyan ruler.  The fear is that it will be used to in a terrorist attack against the USA to avenge American involvement in the Libyan conflict.

As part of a US special unit, the player must stop the deal taking place and get the bombs back.  The race against time has begun: the trail leads from Greenland through North Africa to Libya…

Key Features

  • Gripping background story with contemporary relevance: the Libyan conflict is a central part of the story
  • Dynamic 3rd-person action with a large array  of realistic, modern weapons
  • Realistic and exotic settings in Greenland, North Africa and Libya
  • Stunning graphics using Unreal 3 technology
  • Nine single player levels with around eight hours of gameplay time
  • Up to ten players can compete against each other on six maps that have been optimized for multiplayer mode
  • Diverse missions: urban warfare, vehicle combat, guerilla action and pursuit

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