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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Developer: Techtonic Games
Release Date: June 2012

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'Bust-N-Rush' Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 11, 2011 @ 4:10 a.m. PST

Bust-N-Rush is an action packed runner with procedurally generated levels and three dimensions for increased visibility and difficulty.

Get the Bust-n-Rush Demo off WP (105mb)

Powered by the Unity Engine, Bust-n-Rush features HD graphics and an endless amount of gameplay thanks to its procedurally generated levels.

Bust through stone and metal; Rush at supersonic speeds; Dodge indestructible spikes and molten lava; and activate special objects that thrust you through the air or flip gravity. Complete Challenge Maps to increase your skill, then graduate to Endless Mode and compare high scores with your friends to see who can bust the hardest.

Genetic engineering has long since been a practice of myth and science fiction. However, this myth is very much a reality on Thurl, the moon of Loc. These genetic creations or Steamrollers have been carefully crafted for power and speed, to harvest the precious materials deep in the crust of the moon. Their creators, the ‘Dandies’ live only for decadence and hedonistic pleasure. By being so attached to their material luxuries, they have even been known to push their creations to the point of death.

But now, the struggle for strength and speed has come to culmination. Finally we meet Kovo, a Steamroller who has no need for the Dandies worthless weak material. All he knows is the freedom and joy that comes with running and breaking free of his bonds. Deep in The Depths of Thurl, Kovo starts his journey, destroying all that he can. Realizing that this won’t be the end to his persecution, he travels to their great city-ship and begins their final destruction.

“Our goal with Bust-n-Rush was to deliver an action-packed game that lets gamers jump into the fray and keep playing long after they’ve mastered the controls,” said Leif Dahl, Techtonic Games’ Producer and Art Director. ”We’re very excited to be releasing our first game utilizing the Unity3D game engine.”

Key Features:

  • Procedurally generated levels!: Endless Mode features randomly generated levels guaranteeing that no two high-score runs will ever be the same.
  • Two different modes to test your skills!: Hone your skills in 30 different challenge stages and then see how far you can get in 4 Endless Modes.
  • Three distinct worlds to blast through!: Rush your way through three epic worlds with their own brand of deadly traps and obstacles like bottomless pits, molten lava, mass accelerators and more!
  • 27 Achievements!: Master the game by unlocking all 27 achievements!

Bust-n-Rush is currently available at for $7.99. Techtonic Games will also make the soundtrack available for $1.99 and you can buy the game soundtrack bundle for $8.99.

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