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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Lighthouse Interactive
Developer: Vertex4

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'SunAge' - v1.09.9 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Feb. 17, 2011 @ 4:32 p.m. PST

SunAge is a futuristic RTS where the player can experience 3 different races with each there arsenal of units, buildings and upgrades, taking place across 2 different worlds. In the distant future, earth is dying and mankind retreats into sealed cities. Then a new cult called RaakZun arises, spreading chaos. Our hero battles to protect his Federation and aims to strike at the heart of the Raak Zun’s creed. This opens a gateway to an alien planet and frees up the way for lethal Sentinel drones, who will crush any life-forms that get in their way.

Get the SunAge v1.09.9 Patch off WP (14mb)


- squads in different modes can now be grouped by a single click grouped. (so, also commanders can be grouped to snipers, now)
- units exiting the transporter are now auto-grouped
- added scroll bar in the instructions window
- the building process is now also autoresumed by building units.
- commanderbuff - is now only applied, when the commander is near enough.
- improved ai-reaction time (in direct combat situations)


- double alt-tabbing causes the game to unpause again...
- level-startup bug: Both in singleplayer and multiplayer sometimes the game-script would just not start – keeping the screen flickering or black
- weapon loading bars not reset for some unit shooting only one shot at a time
- music glitches at startup
- harvesters sometimes simply reject a extract or deliver command. They simply dont budge...
- drone troopers dying sequence glitch – moving troopers fly around like wild …
- commanders cannot be added to a group of snipers through right-click addition.
- units exiting a transport are not grouped.
- when the defense matrix upgrade is researched existing repair plates change their graphic. Repair plates built after the upgrade is researched do not have this new graphic. This is also unintuitive since repair plates are not upgraded, upgrade matrices are.
- repair plates display activated animation and audio whenever a unit is in its healing field. This can become annoying. Making repair plates display animation and audio only when a unit is being healed could fix this problem.
- units damaged by flames sometimes look charred/on fire permanently.
- a scroll bar is needed in the "instructions" part of the menu where old tips and objectives are stored.
- minimizing the program does not pause the gameplay.
- keystrokes are still considered orders when the program is minimized.
- an awful f***king lot of issues with slaves / slavemasters grouping / releasing units in combination with building / repairing other units
- Autoresume building done before autorepairing...
- mirages cannot heal BMRs.
- two squads of the same unit type both containing commanders cannot be combined/trade units through RMB addition.
- bandselection: doesnt reset building buildbots (like eg. the scuttlers & the moles) – also reset
- when you are not the host and you want to build something the picture of the building does not go away when you have placed the building. As if you shift clicked but now you need to right click to get rid of it.
- Tutorial: bandselecting some troops including the commander from the main-troops: uncommanded troops still have commanderbuff ???
- CLIENT: sending harvesting units to resources or resource stations doesnt split them up visually (all units still remain selected)
- CLIENT: bandselection of harvesting units doesnt reposition units – prolly also doesnt do a stop and stuff
- resources can be dropped off at an only partly built MOLE Station.
- shift-selecting multiple squads can be used to select otherwise unselectable units in single player.
- MOLEs sometimes return resources without retuning to a MOLE Station.
- drone Fighters, Scuttlers, and flying Cyborgs all have graphical elements that can be seen in the fog of war.
- test skirmish under Windows 7 – with and without winxp sp3 compat mode
- in observer mode you can't hear any sounds besides the music.
- raak zun mines will detonate even when its partly built
- if its a 1v1 Situation In Skirmish if you surrender your buildings stay there and the enemy AI will still continue to construct buildings and attack mean while BMR's will still repair nearby structures like the mole station. (not sure of this is intended or not)
- cultists' Brainwave Amplifier is very clumsy and hard to use. Saving the game interrupts the Brainwave Amplifier.
- brainwave Amplifier: targetted units should STOP when they are finally chanted...
- mutants attack does not damage units held by Cultists Brainwave Amplifier attack.
- many units and buildings are not given a preferred targeting icon when designated as a preferred target.
- quicksaving does not pause the game.
- droneships in secondary mode cannot be given preferred targets.
- several ai-bugs and improvments
- aaaaaand ... a billion further small bugs & glitches – BRILLIANT !

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