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Black Prophecy

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Gamigo
Developer: Reakktor Media

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'Black Prophecy' Reveals Station Walking - Screens

by Rainier on March 11, 2011 @ 7:04 a.m. PST

Black Prophecy is an Action-MMO where you will not only be fighting epic multiplayer battles and fulfilling exciting single-player missions, but also experience a fascinating story from the pen of prize-winning German science-fiction author Michael Marrak.

By the mid 26th century humanity has conquered the universe and colonized countless planets. Yet life in space requires a great deal of adaptation. Bred for just these conditions, the cybernetically adapted Tyi and the biogenetically optimized Geniden have outgrown their creators to become the new ruling races. Their uncompromising battle for total mastery of space leads humanity into the sphere of influence of an ancient alien life form – a life form which tolerates no other cosmic civilizations but its own. In this battle against an overpowering enemy, players must first choose which of the two rival factions they wish to join as they try to save humanity.

The fascinating science-fiction universe from “Black Prophecy” will present players a complex online universe featuring cinema-quality space battles. A universe in which they fly their spacecraft alone, as a clan member or as part of a fleet as they fight political battles and prove themselves in the fight against extinction at the hands of the aliens. The search for their home world and the answer to their dark secret soon becomes a race to save all the races of mankind.

In addition to many roll-playing game elements and a comprehensive resource-management system the tactically demanding “Black Prophecy” also offers a tremendous depth of play and spectacular deep-space action for the PC.

Station walking

This feature will allow players to leave their spaceships and explore the lavishly-detailed space stations on their own two feet. The possibilities this features opens up are almost endless. Soon players no longer need to use menu windows to trade, receive mission briefings or mod their ships but can do so by interacting with NPCs - be it in a shady bar, the command center or in one of the massive hangars.
Another addition that will be introduced with station walking is the possibility for players to purchase an apartment in a space station and to decorate it with looted furnishings. This can serve as a quiet spot to find some solitude from the rush of space battles and as a place to hang out with friends. Clans will also be able to acquire apartments where clan members can meet and which will feature a variety of clan management tools.

Patrick Streppel, Executive Board Member at gamigo, said this: "Station walking is not just a feature a lot of fans of Black Prophecy will enjoy, it's almost like a second game. Being able to move their avatar outside their spaceships will allow players to identify more closely with their characters and will add a lot of new ways to interact - who knows what other possibilities will come in the future..."


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